Collaborative for Hispanics in Higher Education & Student Success

Project Team

To contact the project team, please email or call 805-493-3090.

Cal Lutheran 

Project Director:

Silvia Neves, Ph.D.

Project Coordinator:


Project Counselor:


Faculty Learning CIRCLE:

Jolivette Mecenas, Ph.D., FLC Faculty Chair

Delil Martinez, Ph.D., FLC Faculty Chair

Additional Implementation Team Members:

Matt Ward, Ph.D., VP of Enrollment Management and Marketing

Moorpark College

Project Manager:

Farisa Morales, Ph.D.

Administrative Assistant:

Philip Koscak , M.A.

Student Success Specialists:

Xilen Ramirez, M. Ed.

Noemi Rodriguez


Nancy Canela, M.A.

William Martinez, MS

Faculty Learning CIRCLE:

FLC faculty Chairs:

Farisa Morales, Ph.D.

Michael Nava, Ph.D. 

Daniela Guevara, Ph.D.

Additional Implementation Team Members:

Claudia Sitlington, MA, Student Success & Support Services Supervisor

Khushnur Dadabhoy, Ph.D, Dean of Student Support