Equipment List & Pricing

Equipment List

This equipment list is available only to faculty, staff, students and alumni.  If you would like to order any of this equipment, please call us at 805-493-3820 or fill our the equipment setup form.

Audio and Video Cables
Digital Still Cameras
Digital Voice Recorders
LCD Projectors
Lighting Kits

PC Laptops
Projection Secreens
TurningPoint Clickers
Video Cameras (SD & HD)

Price List

Terms and Pricing

Prices listed are daily rates unless otherwise noted and are subject to change without notice. For rentals not exceeding 4 hours, daily rates are subject to a 40 percent discount. Weekly and monthly rates are available upon request. Rentals must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. Equipment is guaranteed to be operable upon delivery. Should a problem occur, the customer is responsible for reporting it to Media Services immediately. We will not credit the charges for problems reported after the rental period is over.

Cassette tape recorder $10
Digital Voice Recorder $20
Portable cassette/CD stereo $20
Amplifier (built-in CD, 30 watts)      $40
Single Speaker with wired Microphone and Stand $80
Two Speakers with wired Microphone and Stand $125 
Two Speakers with Mixer and 3 wired Microphones and Stands           $300 
Additional Wired Microphones (each) $15 
Additional Wireless Handheld Microphones (each) $30 
Additonal Lavaliere Microphones (each)   $30 
iPod connection $10
CD Player $20
Stage Box $20
For Operator Fees please look at the Labor Rates  
Projection Equipment (per day)
LCD projector $160
Laptop computer (PC) $75
Overhead (Transparency) projector      $25
6' screen (Matte White) $25
7' screen (Matte White) $30
8' screen (Matte White)


Video Playback  Equipment (per day)
Television & DVD Player $60
Video Monitor $40
VHS Videocassette Player $25
¾” U-Matic Video tape player       $50
MiniDV Camcorder w/ tripod $80

Television Studio w/ 3 Cameras

Rate per hour    $30
Rate per day $175
Television Studio w/ 3 Cameras, Operators & Technical Director
Rate per hour $500
Rate per day       $2300
Video Post-Production
Rate per hour   $30
Rate per day $175
Video Post Production
Non-Linear Editing System w/ Final Cut Pro & Motion
Rate per hour $60
Rate per day


Electronic Classroom Rates: All Electronic Classrooms Include an LCD Projector, PC Computer, & DVD/VHS Player
Rate per 4-hour period         $225
Teleconferencing Services: Tanberg 6000 ISDN & IP Dual Camera Video Conferencing
Rate per hour                $150
ISDN call will incur additional charges at a minimum of $100 per hour  
Satellite Downlink Service
Ku or C-band satellite     $50
Video Duplication

Media Services has a Media Techniques Fusion DVD/CD Duplicator.  We can run batches of 125 copies at a time.  The duplicator includes a color printer for printing on the CD or DVD.  All prices include stock.  Discounts available for quantity.

Cassette Tape to DVD       $1 each
Tape to CD with color label              $3 each
VHS to DVD $2 each
VHS to DVD with color label $4 each
DVD to DVD $2 each
DVD to DVD with color label $4 each
CD to CD $1 each
CD to CD with color label $3 each
Labor Rates
Delivery/Pickup Charge for off-campus use $35
Use of delivery van (local only)       $150
Student A/V Technician (rate per hour)                          $15
Professional A/V Technician (rate per hour) $25