Shoretel Frequently Asked Questions

There a lot of buttons on the phone, how do I know what each of them does?

Please click on this Shoretel reference guide link to learn more about the buttons on your phone. 

How do I set up my voicemail?

You should of received a ShoreTel Quick Reference Guide with instruction on setting up your voice mail along with your phone, if you didn't you can visit how to setup your voicemail.

How can I forward a voicemail?

Please click on the link How to foward voicemails.

What are some of the features on the Shoretel phones?
  • CLU directory access from your desk phone
  • Call History - including missed calls
  • Visual voicemails - similar to voicemail listing on a smart phone
  • Up to 6 person conference calling from your phone without special setup
  • Option to foward CLU voicemail to your e-mail
I would like a headset for my phone? How can I get one installed?

Please submit a ticket to the Help Desk at requesting a headset for your phone.

The backlight on the phone keeps diming. Is that normal?

Yes! To save power, the backlight on your phone's screen will dim after a certain amout of time if it is not in use.

I would like some additional training on how to use the phone. How can I go about receiving training?

You can visit our by clicking on our Telecom/Phones page .  Or you can contact Help Desk by submitting a ticket at helpdesk@callutheran or by calling at 805-493-3698.