Christus Award

The Christus Award is given annually to individuals in recognition of the contributions they have made to strengthen the bridge between the church and the university and/or who have made significant contributions to higher education in the ELCA.

The Rev. Glen and Lauri Egertson


Lauri and Glen Egertson serve as the Executive Directors of Lutheran Retreats, Camps and Conferences (LRCC), which operates two camps affiliated with the Lutheran church in Southern California.  Their most important task is to recruit and train teenagers and twenty-somethings to serve as the counselors and mentors to the children who attend camp programs. The first place they look for the next wave of role models is Cal Lutheran, where they consistently rely on Prs. Scott and Melissa Maxwell Doherty, Desta Goehner, and Linda LeBlanc.

Glen and Lauri were married in 1992, have four children (including two Cal Lutheran alumni), and three grandchildren.  All four of their children have worked or still work at camp, and one of their grandchildren has already been a counselor.  Many camp staff have become part of the Egertson family, which may be why they have stayed so long.   The Egertsons landed at El Camino Pines in 2005, and have been leading LRCC since 2009.  

Before camp, Glen worked as a janitor, youth worker, carpenter and pastor.  He is a graduate of California Lutheran University and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary.  Glen enjoys fixing broken stuff, watching old movies, and prefers reading non-fiction.  Glen's favorite days are spent in the slot canyons of Zion National Park with his pals.  He is two-thirds of the way through visiting every major league baseball stadium.  

Lauri was raised in San Diego, CA and confirmed in the Catholic Church before joining as a member of the Lutheran church.  After completing a program in Nursing at the University of California in San Diego, she worked as an optician and office manager for several doctors while raising her children. She enjoys reading just about anything, trailing black bears at both camps, and animal midwifery at Luther Glen.  Her next quest is to fill her National Park Service Passport with stamps.

Lauri and Glen are sustained by a countless hoard of friends and family.  Soli Deo Gloria.

Recipients of the Christus Award
2018 The Rev. Glen and Mrs. Lauri Egertson
2017 The Rev. Frank Nausin
2016 The Rev. Paul Evenson
2015 Jerry Slattum
2014 Jack Wise
2013 Jim and Sue Swenson
2012 Dr. Jerry Miller
2011 The Rev. Dr. Paul Egertson
2010 Mr. Marvin Soiland
2009 The Rev. Dr. Howie Wennes
2008 Mrs. Beverly Anderson
2007 The Rev. Lauren "Bud" Egdahl
2006 The Rev. Dr. Luther Olmon
2005 Dr. Louise Evenson & Karsten Lundring
2004 Mr. Norman Lueck
2003 The Rev. Gerry Swanson and Dr. Jan Bowman
2002 The Rev. John Embree
2001 Mr. Bob Samuelson
2000 The Rev. Paul Nakamura/Aina Abrahamson
1999 The Rev. Quentin Garman
1998 Dr. Ray & Mrs. Helen Olson
1997 The Rev. Erling & Dr. Marge Wold
1996 Rev. Dr. Gaylerd Mercer & Mrs. Joan Falde
1995 The Rev. Carl & Mrs. Ruth Segerhammar
1994 The Rev. James Bessey
1993 Mr. Gaylord Mercer
1992 Ms. Diane Nelson