Segerhammar Center for Faith and Culture

A Catalyst for Discourse

In an effort to stimulate open communication and foster understanding, the Segerhammar Center strives to build bridges between the faith communities, academic theorists and leaders in professional life. In a complex and compartmentalized world, the Center provides a vital avenue of connection and creates an opportunity for real people to come together to grapple honestly with the big issues that face us as a society. As the host of "Faith and Life Conferences," and other events, the Segerhammar Center is a catalyst for discussions on Christian values and their expression in everyday life.

Generations of Influence

Dr. Carl SegerhammarThe Center is named for the late Rev. Dr. Carl Segerhammar and his wife Ruth, a couple who influenced generations of California Lutherans and were firm supporters of Cal Lutheran from its inception. As a pastor and then bishop, Dr. Segerhammar was committed to the principles of inclusiveness and social progress, was a strong advocate for Lutheran higher education and one of Cal Lutheran's founding fathers.

The Segerhammars traveled world-wide in the interest of the world mission and ecumenism of the Lutheran Church in America. Closer to home, the Segerhammars' service on the campus was felt in many ways and, in 1978, they were awarded Cal Lutheran's Distinguished Service Award. In 1980-81, Dr. Segerhammar served as acting president of Cal Lutheran.

Gift Opportunities

The Segerhammar Center was initiated by generous contributions and pledges by the family, friends and colleagues of the late Rev. Dr. Carl Segerhammar and his wife, Ruth. Ongoing additional support is needed and sought to continue the Center's work, and there are opportunities for sponsorship of individual Center programs.

To support the Segerhammar Center for Faith and Culture, contact University Advancement at 805-493-3161.