Microsoft Office 2010 Upgrades Coming

Volume 5, No. 11

So how different is Office 2010? While there are hundreds of enhancements, if you’ve used Office 2007 you will be able to adapt to Office 2010 easily. Most of the changes in look and feel combine the best of previous versions with now more intuitive navigation. Some highlights include, but are not limited to:

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  • Word – The document navigation pane makes working on large documents like reports a breeze. You can drag and drop section headings to reorganize headings and accompanying content.
  • Excel – There are new features like sparklines (tiny charts that fit in a cell to show trends), and slicers which visually help to segment and filter data.
  • PowerPoint – Features such as co-authoring and collaborating on presentations at the same time has be added. Also, you can merge and compare presentations.
  • Outlook – Sharing what is seen on the screen with the Screen Shot command in new. Select any part of your screen and send it in your email. Mailtips helps avoid common and sometimes embarrassing mistakes like unintended “Reply Alls.”

There are many more productivity enhancing tools included in Office 2010  Check out the comparison chart at

Term:  TWAIN

  • Definition:  A standard software protocol that regulates communication between software applications and imaging devices such as scanners. Although TWAIN is not an acronym, it has often been referred to as an acronym for "Technology Without An Intelligent Name."
  • Example in a sentence:  The TWAIN driver for our scanner makes scanning documents to the computer a breeze.
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