Artist and Speakers Event Initiation

The purpose of the Artist and Speakers Committee is to enhance the intellectual and artistic quality of life at California Lutheran University by identifying, attracting, and presenting distinguished artists and speakers each year.

The members of the Artist and Speakers Committee will give full consideration to all proposals received by the annual deadline. They will evaluate the strengths of the proposals in order to strategically select an annual program of speakers, performances, and artists/scholars-in-residence that best fulfill the purpose of the committee.

It is the responsibility of each initiator to complete the application by the deadline and handle all logistics.

If you are interested in requesting funding, please complete the following steps:

  1. Contact the speaker or artist you are interested in inviting. Establish possible dates for their campus visit and a proposed budget.
  2. Complete the Event Initiation Form by the deadline.
  3. Once funding has been approved, contact Conferences and Events to reserve facilities and complete appropriate contracts.
  4. Work with the chair of Artist and Speakers to ensure that all forms for payment have been completed.
  5. Submit the information to and by early July or early November for inclusion in the printed Cultural Events Calendar. If you can’t meet the deadline, submit the information to the online Arts & Events calendar.

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