Syllabus Polices

Course Evaluations Statement

All course evaluations are conducted online. Your feedback is important to us. You will receive an email message reminding you when the website is open for your feedback. The link is: 


Disability Statement

California Lutheran University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations in compliance with ADA of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to students with documented disabilities.  If you are a student requesting accommodations for this course, please contact your professor at the beginning of the semester and register with the Disability Support Services Coordinator, Wendy Jimenez, for the facilitation and verification of need.  The Disability Support Services Coordinator is located in the Center for Student Success Office at 3259 Pioneer Street, and can be contacted by calling 805.493.3878 or emailing


Statement on Academic Honesty

The educational programs of California Lutheran University are designed and dedicated to achieve academic excellence, honesty and integrity at every level of student life. Part of Cal Lutheran’s dedication to academic excellence is our commitment to academic honesty. Students, faculty, staff and administration share the responsibility for maintaining high levels of scholarship on campus. Any behavior or act which might be defined as “deceitful” or “dishonest” will meet with appropriate disciplinary sanctions, including dismissal from the University, suspension, grade F in a course or various forms of academic probation. Policies and procedures regarding academic honesty are contained in the faculty and student handbooks.


Plagiarism, cheating, unethical computer use and facilitation of academic dishonesty are examples of behavior which will result in disciplinary sanctions. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to:

  • word for word copying without using quotation marks or presenting the work as yours
  • using the ideas or work of others without acknowledgement
  • not citing quoted material. Students must cite sources for any information that is not either the result of original research or common knowledge. 


Standards of Student Conduct Statements:


University Harassment Policy

Be civil to each other, both on- and offline. For information on the University’s student harassment policy and rights, please go to the following link:

Student Life Handbook


Sexual Misconduct

California Lutheran University does not tolerate any degree of sexual misconduct on or off-campus. We encourage you to report if you know of, or have been the victim of, sexual harassment, misconduct, and/or assault. If you report this to a faculty member, she or he must notify Cal Lutheran’s Title IX Coordinator about the basic facts of the incident. More information about your options for reporting can be found at:



Pearson Library

Pearson Library provides access to scholarly books, journals, ebooks, and databases of full text articles from scholarly journals. To begin using these materials, visit the library web page

There are many ways to contact Pearson Library for research assistance, no matter where you are!


Cal Lutheran Writing Center

The Writing Center provides 1:1 writing consultations, in-person and online, with trained undergraduate and graduate writing consultants. We welcome all writing-related projects at any stage of the writing process across the diverse disciplines of study at Cal Lutheran. The Writing Center also hosts writing workshops, provides in-class visits, facilitates writing groups, and offers a writer’s studio option for longer, sustained projects. Services suit writers of all levels, including traditional undergraduates, graduate students from all fields, all English language learners, and accomplished scholars alike. All members of the Cal Lutheran community with an email address are welcome to make use of our services. For more information, please visit at or call 805.493.3257. Please schedule appointments online through MyCLU Blackboard with the yellow “The Writing Center” icon in “Tools,” or stop by The Writing Center itself, located in the Darling Collaboration Suite of Pearson Library.


Veterans Resources

If you are a veteran, military member, or a family member of a veteran or military member, please refer to Cal Lutheran’s Veterans Resources webpage for important information: . Also, if you are a veteran receiving benefits and you are struggling in a class, you most likely qualify for free tutoring.  Please contact the Veterans Coordinator, Jenn Zimmerman, or 805.493.3648, for more information.

Help Desk

Students may contact the Help Desk about telephone, network, wireless network, software questions password problems, hardware problems, and general consultation (i.e. you cannot log into your MyCLU portal, or you are having problems with Blackboard).  Please email specific details about your problems to, click on the following link for more information or call: 805.493.3698


Final Note

This syllabus is subject to change.  Every effort will be made to alert students to changes that occur in a timely manner.