Lightboard at CLU

Northwestern University is home to Michael Peshkin, a professor who, like most, used a whiteboard as a primary teaching tool in classrooms. But he, like most, found that in order to use it, you have to turn your back on your students. And thus, the Lightboard was born: a glass chalkboard filled with light so that you can write and face your viewers all at once. To learn more about Michael Peshkin's Lightboard, feel free to visit the Lightboard Site.

The Lightboard is being used across the country and the world in a variety of universities, including our neighbor USC. We have purchashed a smaller learning glass via SDSU's Matt Anderson, who created a similar product to the Lightboard, The minature Lightboard is available at the Cal Lutheran Center for Teaching and Learning Recording Studio. Our Lightboard can be used by  instructors who wish to provide online lectures to students in a more dynamic and interesting way.

To see a demo of Michael Peshkin's Lightboard, look no further than the video below. If you have questions about the Lightboard at CLU, please Contact Us for more details.