Book a Room

Are you a first time recorder? Seasoned online course professional? Recording tutorials for your department? Here's where you can schedule some time to record at the CTL recording space in SBET 124.

Center for Teaching and Learning recording studio

You can capture yourself on webcam and your PowerPoints onscreen in our comfortable 
recording studio, located in Spies-Bornemann 124. The studio is open Monday-Friday from
9AM-5PM and closed for campus holidays. If you have any questions about availability,
please Contact Us for further information.

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance and cancelled 12 hours in advance. Please be sure to confirm your booking by clicking the link in the email you will receive. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Studio

How long does it take to record?
It depends on how long your lecture is. The general rule is to take the estimated length of your lecture and add half. (ex. 30 minute lecture=45 minutes in the studio.) However, first time users should expect to spend a little more time getting used to the equipment and set-up, as well as factor in time to make some mistakes. It's better to book too much time rather than too little!

How far in advance should I book?
As far in advance as possible is ideal. The popularity of the studio is fickle, so we cannot tell when it will be very busy until people start reserving slots. If you are recording a lecture for a class you will miss, it is advisable to book a session for one week before you need your video. This will guarantee we can have it ready on time.

It's my first time recording; will anyone be able to help me?
Of course! We have set up our booking system so that you are required to book at least 24 hours in advance. This makes it possible for us to reach out if there won't be anyone around to help you, but also makes sure we don't schedule anything else for that time. Please reach out if you have any specific concerns.

What should I do if I think I will be late?
If you think you are going to be late to your session, please be considerate of our time and let us know. Reach out to the lecture capture specialist and inform them of your estimated time of arrival. We really appreciate it!

What do I do about editing my video?
If you record through the studio, we are more than happy to edit the recordings for you. Our turnaround time may very depending on our other commitments, but we will always do our best to get your video done in about a week's time. If you need the video before then, please reach out so we can work out the best solution for you.