California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

General information, CalTPA Task descriptions and support materials

The California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA) is :

  • an assessment of a candidate's ability to demonstrate competency of the Teaching Performance Expectations.
  • designed for candidates seeking the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and for candidates seeking a Single Subject Teaching Credential in any specific subject area(s)
  • a series of four performance tasks that candidates complete during their professional preparation program. The results of the candidates' performance during the various tasks of the CalTPA can help provide formative assessment information to candidates for improving the quality of their teaching, and assists candidates to focus on those aspects of teaching in which they may need further development or support.
  • embedded within CLU’s  teacher preparation program, and must be successfully completed as one of the requirements for earning a California preliminary teaching credential.

The CalTPA includes four tasks.  The four tasks:

  • collectively measure the attributes of the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). TPEs describe what all California beginning teachers need to know and be able to do to qualify for the Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential. Each task measures aspects of a number of TPEs, and many TPEs are measured in more than one task.
  • are designed so that candidates can practice them repeatedly.
  • require interaction with K-12 California students. All tasks require written responses to given prompts, and the final task requires a videotaped teaching experience.

The TPA Candidate Handbook provides the candidate with an overview of the California TPA tasks and specific directions for each of the four tasks.

For more information about California Lutheran University's TPA program please contact Michael Cosenza, Director of Teaching Performance Assessments,

CalTPA and Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs)

The CalTPA measures the attributes of the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) that describe the knowledge and abilities required of beginning California teachers that were adopted by the Commission in September 2001. Also available is a version that highlights the 13 TPEs is found in the TPE Summary.

Details of the TPA measures are found in the section below. You will note links to three documents for each Task: Directions and Overview, Candidate Assignment Log, and the Task Rubric.

Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA) History

Senate Bill 2042 (Chapter 548, Statutes of 1998) requires all candidates for a preliminary Multiple Subject and Single Subject Teaching Credential to pass an assessment of teaching performance in order to earn a teaching credential.

In accordance with this provision of SB 2042, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC), in cooperation with Educational Testing Service (ETS), designed the California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA).