Curriculum Maps

chartCurriculum maps illustrate connections.  Faculty use Curriculum Maps to determine how courses align with Program Learning Outcomes as well as CLU’s eight Student Learning Outcomes and Mission. 

Each College / School has used the Cal Lutheran Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) in the development of their programs. 

The School of Management Student Learning Outcomes were developed by faculty.  These Outcomes align with and expand upon Cal Lutheran’s SLOs as found in Curriculum Maps for the Bachelor of Science in Business AdministrationAccounting and Economics.

 Each Curriculum Map:

  • Lists courses with links to syllabi (click course titles)
  • Identifies SLOs addressed by course
  • Links to SLO descriptions (click SLO) along with additional information for each SLO as it relates to the School of Business. 
  • The level of learning and assessment based on Bloom’s taxonomy

The Graduate School of Education’s Ed.D. Curriculum Map illustrates the alignment of these components.  The overlap of learning outcomes illustrates that data collected, for example, to demonstrate achievement of the Cal Lutheran outcome interpersonal and teamwork skills, will also contribute data for the Ed.D. program outcome, establishing a caring and collaborative learning community.