Write Program Review Report

A Program Review is a continuous, collaborative process that results in a Report. The Program Review Report provides evidence of program planning and our efforts to continuously improve.  Data are continually reviewed and used to inform program improvement decisions on an annual basis.  The accumulation of the annual decisions contributes to the Report written approximately every seven years (see Schedule).

Report Template

Download Template

The Program Review Template provides an electronic shell to guide the writing of the report. The Template outlines the components of the Program Review Report to be populated by the faculty authors of the review.  Refer to the Program Review Checklist to help with report writing.  A PowerPoint version of the sequence is also available.  A template report is also available for the Dean(s) and External Reviewer.

Program Review data and information for Appendices are found in the CLU Shared Files V: drive "Program Review" folder (see instructions for access: off-campus, on-campus).

Example Reports

Department Chairs have given their permission to provide their Program Review Reports as examples to better enable faculty in the review process to complete their report.  These examples are found in the Data Warehouse

Report Handbook

The Program Review Handbook is designed to provide information and processes for faculty, administrators, and external reviewers in order to guide and support academic program reviews.

Download the Report Handbook

Report Structure

Cal Lutheran’s Program Review Report documents the review process and is organized into four sections followed by appendices with supporting documents: 

  1. Program Foundation 
    • Introduction, Mission Statements, Program Goals and Learning Outcomes
  2. Assessment Design
  3. Data Collection and Analysis
  4. Action Plans 
    • External Review, Summary and Action Plans


The Program Review process results in the writing of a report with these responsibilities:

  • Program/Department chair and faculty to prepare a report using the Program Review Template
  • Director of Educational Effectiveness, Dean and Provost to review the report prior to the External Reviewers’ visit
  • External Reviewer to visit and provide a report
  • Faculty and Dean meet to review and provide a written response to the External Reviewer’s Report
  • Provost provides a written response to the reports from the faculty, External Reviewer, and Dean that indicates what University actions will be taken
  • Presentation of findings at the Annual Assessment Symposium