Handbook and Template

The Program Review is a focused process and an in-depth study. The Review is supported with:the 2017 Program Review Handbook and the 2017 Program Review Template.

Program Review Handbook

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The Program Review Handbook is designed to provide information and processes for faculty, administrators, and external reviewers in order to guide and support academic program reviews. The Handbook is divided into three parts:

  • Introduction.  The introduction provides an overview of the Handbook, and the Program Review’s relationship to the University Mission, Strategic Goals, and  Student Learning Outcomes;
  • Program Reviews.  Information is provided about the purpose of program reviews; guiding principles; the review process; the program report sections; external reviews; internal readers; post review procedures; and faculty comments.
  • Assessment Design.  This section reviews the Assessment System; Assessment Plan; Assessment forLearning; and the Assessment Symposium.

Reviews of programs occur approximately once every seven years (see Schedule). 

Rounded Rectangle: “CLU has created a good infrastructure for quality assurance.  Particularly impressive is the increasing quality of program reviews and the unusually high level of faculty commitment to meaningful program reviews and quality assurance.  Institutional student learning outcomes are clearly articulated, and there is ample evidence of students’ enthusiasm and deep engagement in their learning processes.”    Educational Effectiveness Team Report, March 2007, p. 44

Program Review Template

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The Program Review Template provides an electronic shell to guide the writing of the report. The Templateoutlines the components of the Program Review Report to be populated by the faculty authors of the review.  Refer to the Program Review Checklist to help with report writing.  A PowerPoint version of the sequence is also available.  A template report is also available for the Dean(s) and External Reviewer.

Program Review data and information for Appendices are found in the CLU Shared Files v-drive "Program Review" folder (see instructions for access: off-campus, on-campus).

Department Chairs have given their permission to provide their Program Review Reports as examples to better enable faculty in the review process to complete their report.  These examples are found in the Data Warehouse