Spring 2007

Highlights include:

  • Review of CLU current course evaluation process.  A Flowchart  captures the paper process with an estimated 16 weeks to completion. A second flowchart describes a projected online course evaluation process with timeline of four weeks.
  • Review of Course Evaluation Form confirming the items would remain consistent when transferred to online format
  • Review of paper and online processes by faculty.  OnFebruary 13, 2007,the TLC was joined by faculty representatives from ART, FEC, FADC Committees to compare the paper to online course evaluation process and timeline; review the current rate of student response; and review the structure for an online course evaluation system. Response rates amongst graduate and undergraduate classes were all far less than 100%.  Many factors influenced the response rate, for example, labs taught by same instructor as class, classes with < 5 students enrolled, independent studies were not evaluated; students who did not receive the forms, students not in class, students choosing not to complete.  Attendees at the meeting provided feedback.
  • Plan with ISS, Registrar, Institutional Research Officer to pilot prototype with students:
  • Interfaced with Datatel to access student / course information; email announcements to students; encouragement to complete linked to access to Web Advisor
  • Identified program end-dates to organize schedule of administrations
  • Investigated rate of return of paper evaluation process
  • Previewed the prototype with Deans’ Council, Teaching and Learning Committee, and representatives from FEC, ART, FADC (28 in total) Feb 13; pilot April 11; feedback provided
  • Prepared for student pilot May 2 with two ESSM classes:  One class on-site in lab (17/20 responded); one class online (12/28 responded). Students provided very positive comments.  Exporting data collected challenge.
  • Interview with Augsburg College; SDSU (June)