Survey Central


The purpose of Survey Central is to provide:

  • Survey Calendar, an inventory and calendar of all surveys done at Cal Lutheran.  Archived calendars are also available.
  • Assistance and support for the different components of the survey process (e.g. design and administration of surveys) for Cal Lutheran faculty, administrators, staff, and students.


California Lutheran University provides supports for faculty, administrators, staff, and students to initiate research studies.  Over the years, there has been an interest in raising the quality of Cal Lutheran Survey Research as an increasing number of surveys are being administered to the Cal Lutheran community and beyond. Researchers are reminded to visit the Institutional Review Board website to determine documentation required for research projects involving human participants or animals.


It is important, as the University continues to grow in research capacity and activities, to coordinate research studies so that:

  • A sample population is accessed both in a systematic way and not over-surveyed.  For example, issues with SPAM and the frequency of surveys soliciting students, faculty, administrators, staff, and alumni participants affect the number of responses received which may then affect the reliability and statistical validity of a study. 
  • We avoid duplication of asking for the same type of data.
  • Our research resources are effectively used to contribute to a quality process and outcomes analysis.