Policies & Procedures

In order to adequately process your mail; please review the following policy and procedure information.

  1. MAIL PROCESSING: Mail is processed on a first come first served basis. There is no guarantee outgoing mail will be processed on the same day if brought to the Mail Center after 3:00pm. Express mail will be processed immediately if before 3:00pm. Express mail is defined as FedEx, USPS Express, and UPS Next Day Air.
  2. MAIL AUTHORIZAITON: A completed blue "Mail Authorization" slip must accompany all outgoing mail requesting special or alternative services. Additionally, the Mail Center has created yellow barcoded department cards for quicker service for First Class Mail. Directions for proper use may be found on the back of the yellow cards. Failure to comply may result in delay of processing.
  3. FLAPS DOWN: FLAPS ARE NOT TO BE UP AND FANNED. Please ensure all standard legal sized envelopes (#9 and #10) are prepared FLAPS DOWN, if you want the mailing machine to seal it for you. ALL other envelopes (flats) MUST be sealed by the submitting department. If flaps are up, the envelopes may be returned to the department for correction. All stamped mail must be sealed.
  4. IDENTICAL or DIFFERENT MAIL: To expedite processing, please separate multiple pieces which may be of different weights or sizes.
  5. OVERSTUFFED ENVELOPES: Overstuffed legal sized envelopes need to be sealed prior to acceptance at the Mail Center. Unsealed overstuffed envelopes create problems for the meter and can not be fed through the equipment for sealing. The mailpiece may be destroyed during the process.
  6. FOREIGN MAIL: All foreign mail must be enclosed in envelopes and separated from domestic outgoing mail. Example: catalogs, pamphlets, and brochures. Note: The country must be easily visible in the address and written on the bottom line of the address in capital letters.
  7. SEPERATING MAIL: All campus, foreign, and domestic mail needs to be separated with rubber bands or paper clips. The separation of sealed and unsealed letters is crucial to maintain continuous operation. An additional charge of $.50 will be assessed to each piece of mail, which causes shut down of equipment or delay in processing for sorting.
  8. UPS: Please ensure all UPS parcels have a return address, otherwise they will be delayed. Note: UPS will deliver to P.O. Boxes, however, service will be delayed.
  9. FEDERAL EXPRESS: Please ensure all information requested by FedEx is filled out on the Airbill. Pick-up is scheduled firmly at 3:00 p.m. M-F. Please have the piece to the Mail Center at least 10 minutes before pick-up to ensure processing.
  10. OBSTRUCTION: Please ensure paper clips, staples, or any foreign objects are not in the upper right hand corner or along the top of any envelopes. The meter cannot print over the bulge thus creating a jam and/or damaging the machine. Mail will be returned and the offending department may be assessed for damages.
  11. INTERCAMPUS DELIVERY: Do not use intercampus envelopes for student mail. Intercampus envelopes are for official University department to department business only.
  12. ORDERING: When ordering from an outside vendor with delivery through the Mail Center, please include your first name, last name, department name, Mail Code and phone number. Packages will be delayed or returned if this information is not provided.
  13. STANDARD A MAIL (BULK): The Mail Center approves ALL Standard A mail prior to mailing. This is to ensure compliance with US Postal Service Regulations. Bulk Mail Authorization forms are available at the Mail Center and forms should be filled out completely. Note: All departments need to provide TWO copies of what is being mailed, along with the authorization form. Departments should expect a 24-hour turn around to receive their PO #.
  14. EXPRESS ALERT: When requesting express service, please use the "Express Alert" notice along with the Mail Authorization slip detailing service desired.
  15. MAIL CENTER DELIVERY: The Mail Center delivery personnel have been instructed to leave any mail that is not properly prepared for pick-up. Properly prepared mail has been defined above. Additionally, if mail slips are not ready at time of pick up, carriers will resume their route and it becomes the departments' responsibility to bring their mail to the Mail Center.