Glossary of Terms

Consistency in editorial style is as important as graphic consistency. The following guide indicates styles unique to California Lutheran University.

Term Definition
Ahmanson Science Center

Ahmanson Science Center houses classrooms, faculty offices, laboratories, Richter Lecture Hall and Holm Atrium.

All Nations Plaza All Nations Plaza is located between the Hansen Administration Building and the Orville Dahl Centrum/Centrum Cafe.
Alumni Hall Remodeled and rededicated in 1985, Alumni Hall houses adult and graduate admissions.
Art Building The Art Building houses classrooms, a ceramic studio and faculty offices.
Artwork Titles Write titles of exhibitions in roman with quotation marks. Italicize titles of art.
Associations and Organizations Capitalize the full title of associations. Lowercase partial references unless capitalization is required to avoid confusion.
Federal Bureau of Investigation; the bureau
Awards Capitalize all words (except articles, conjunctions and prepositions of fewer than four letters) in the full title of the award.
Pulitzer Prize for Biography
Use lowercase for descriptive words that are not part of the official title.
Pulitzer Prize winner
Bell House Bell House is home to Cal Lutheran's Graduate Psychology Program.
Benson House Benson House is one of several residential homes adjacent to campus that provide housing for Cal Lutheran students.
Blackbox Theatre The Blackbox Theatre is located in the Theatre Arts Building, which previously served as a gym/auditorium.
Board of Regents, Regents Capitalize the governing body; lowercase individual members. Use chair, not chairperson.
Monty Clef is chair of the Board of Regents.
Monty Clef is a regent.
Buth Park Buth Park, named for former history professor Dr. Wilfred Buth, hosts campus picnics and events.
Cafeteria Cafeteria and other campus dining services are managed by Sodexo.
Cal Lutheran Identity Statement California Lutheran University is a diverse scholarly community dedicated to excellence in the liberal arts and professional studies. Rooted in the Lutheran tradition of Christian faith, the University encourages critical inquiry into matters of both faith and reason.
Cal Lutheran Mission The mission of the University is to educate leaders for a global society who are strong in character and judgment, confident in their identity and vocation, and committed to service and justice.
Cal Lutheran Vision California Lutheran University strives to be the best liberal arts university in the West.
California Lutheran University The first reference should always be California Lutheran University. Cal Lutheran is preferred for second and third references, although CLU and the University are acceptable in cases of repetitive use or constrained space. Cal Lu and the Lu should not be used in print. Capitalize University in the phrase the University when used in place of the University's name.
Campus Store The Cal Lutheran Campus Store is operated by Follett Corp.
Capitalization Capitalize the proper names of departments, committees, offices, colleges, schools and divisions. Lowercase courses of study (majors and minors).

Capitalize Homecoming, Commencement, Convocation, Board of Regents, Cabinet and Core 21.

Capitalize a person's title only when it used directly in front of the name.
President Monty Clef will address the symposium.
Monty Clef is president of Cal Lutheran.

Do not capitalize former, ex- and -elect when used with titles (former is preferred to ex-).
former President Taft; ex-President Taft; Governor-elect Jones

Do not capitalize the seasons.

Do not capitalize words derived from geographic names that have become generic:
brussels sprouts, french fries, mecca, russian dressing

If in doubt, use lowercase rather than capital letters.

Capitalize Union, Republic and the States when referring to the United States of America but do not capitalize adjectives such as national and federal. Do not capitalize government, administration, state or nation. Do not capitalize state of Delaware.
Centrum Cafe Centrum Cafe, located in the Orville Dahl Centrum, is a bustling LA-style eatery complete with espresso drinks and patio seating.
CLUnet Do not hyphenate.
Colons and Semicolons Place outside of quotation marks when used in a sentence.
Commas Underuse rather than overuse commas.

Do not use a comma when only the month and year are named; use a comma after the day and year when month, day and year are named.
January 2005; Jan. 1, 2005,...

Do not use a comma before the abbreviations Jr., Sr. or Inc.

Use a comma before and, for, but, or, yet and so when they connect two independent clauses.

Do not use a comma before and at the end of a series unless it is needed to avoid confusion.

Commas and periods are placed inside closing quotation marks.
Conferences and Events Services Cal Lutheran is an ideal location for camps, conferences, workshops and seminars. Conferences and Events Services is responsible for the scheduling and setting up of special events on campus as well as contracts and services for conferences and camps.
Convocation, Convocators Capitalize this governing body (exception to AP style); lowercase individual members.
The Convocators will meet on Founders Day. Monty Clef is a convocator.
Counseling Services Center The Counseling Services Center is home to the Marriage, Family, Child Center and offers counseling to students, low-cost counseling to members of the community, and a counseling training program.
Cultural Movements and Styles Words referring to movements, styles and schools of thought are capitalized when they are derived from proper nouns or are used as specific historical designations. Such words are lowercased when used in a general descriptive sense.
Dali was one of the original Surrealists.
The fabric design contains few instances of surrealism.
D Building D Building houses computer laboratories, classrooms and offices for the Computer Science faculty.
Dates Decades and abbreviations of decades do not have an apostrophe before the s.
the 1980s; the '70s

The month and year are written without a comma, and the month is spelled out: February 2005

Month, day and year are written with a comma, and the month is abbreviated: Feb. 1, 2005 (The month may be spelled out in formal invitations, proclamations, citations and correspondence.)

The year is set off with commas when used with the month and day in the middle of a sentence: He was born Feb. 1, 2005, in Chicago.
Dining Commons The Dining Commons and other campus dining services are managed by Sodexo.
E Building E Building, one of the original chicken coops, was demolished in December 2010.
Early Childhood Center See Fredrickson Family Early Childhood Center.
Email Lowercase and use without a hyphen: email. Use a hyphen with other e- terms: e-book, e-business, e-commerce.

Use rather than for CLU email addresses.
Enormous Luther Enormous Luther was created by Sir Bernardus Weber, Cal Lutheran professor emeritus of art, with help from his students. This modern art sculpture was unveiled in 1985 in Falde Plaza near the Pearson Library and
Preus-Brandt Forum.
F Building F Building houses Art Department classrooms, faculty offices and a sculpture studio.
Faculty and Titles On first reference, Dr. is used before the name of an individual who holds a doctor of dental surgery, doctor of medicine, doctor of optometry, doctor of osteopathic medicine or doctor of podiatric medicine degree.

For individuals who hold an earned doctorate in another field, indicate this specialty in the text: John Jones, who has a doctorate in psychology, will speak at the University.John Jones earned a doctorate in history from Washington University.

When appropriate, use initials after the name to indicate an earned degree: John Jones, Ph.D.

Do not use Dr. before the names of individuals who hold only honorary doctorates.

Use of after professor, associate professor and assistant professor.
Monty Clef, associate professor of art,

Use in after instructor.
Monty Clef, instructor in art,
Falde Plaza Falde Plaza was dedicated in 1983 in honor of Gaylerd Falde, a member of Cal Lutheran's first Board of Regents. This courtyard area in front of the Preus-Brandt Forum and Pearson Library complex is home to the Enormous Luther statue.
Fredrickson Family Early Childhood Center The Fredrickson Family Early Childhood Center, dedicated March 25, 2011, is located north of Olsen Road near Campus Drive. The new 4,738-square-foot facility replaces the smaller House on the Hill preschool that has served Cal Lutheran employees and community members for 36 years.
G Building G Building, one of the original chicken coops, was razed in December 2011. Faculty offices for the departments of Criminal Justice, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology were relocated to the Swenson Center for the Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Geeting Hall The K-1 instrumental rehearsal room (K Building) was renovated and renamed Geeting Hall in April 2010.
Gender Avoid the use of the terms mankind, family of man, brotherhood and the compounds chairman, clergyman, etc.

Use inclusive terms such as human being, human, humanity, humankind, people, chair and minister to designate both individuals and groups.

Use appropriate pronouns when the antecedent is known and duplicate pronouns, e.g., he or she, him or her, or the plural when the antecedent of the pronoun is not known. Avoid him/her and he/she.
Geographic Terms In general, capitalize words designating regions of a continent or country when the designations imply a meaning larger than simple geographic descriptions.
Midwest; East Coast

Use lowercase for topographic terms that are used in the plural.
the Colorado and Nile rivers

Capitalize the fanciful names of cities and states.
the Windy City; the Golden State
George "Sparky" Anderson Baseball Field and Ullman Stadium George "Sparky" Anderson Baseball Field and Ullman Stadium. Named after the legendary Hall of Fame major league manager and staunch Cal Lutheran supporter, the George "Sparky" Anderson Baseball Field was inaugurated in January 2006. Ullman Stadium offers covered dugouts and stadium seating for 300 people.
Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center houses two major gymnasiums (1,500-seat Gilbert Arena and Soiland Recreation Center), Lundring Events Center, Forrest Fitness Center, exercise science and sports medicine facilities, a dance studio, classrooms and labs, the Cal Lutheran Alumni Association Athletic Hall of Fame, the Ventura County Sports Hall of Fame, and offices for faculty, staff and coaches.
Hansen Administration Center Hansen Administration Building houses the Administration and Finance Division including the Business Office.
Hanson House Hanson House is one of several residential homes adjacent to campus that provide housing for Cal Lutheran students.
Headlines Capitalize all words in headlines except prepositions, conjunctions and articles of fewer than four letters. Capitalize the infinitive form of verbs.
To Be or Not To Be

The word and is normally spelled out in headlines; however, an ampersand may be used on occasion to express style.

Headlines do not take end punctuation unless an exclamation point or question mark is appropriate.
Hutton Field Hutton Softball Field is located next to Ullman Stadium in the north campus athletics complex.
Hyphenation Do not hyphenate an adverb ending in ly followed by a participle or adjective.

Do not hyphenate Cocurricular, Preseminary or Premedicine.

Hyphenate self- and half- compounds that precede a noun.

Hyphenate prefixes when they precede an already hyphenated term: un-self-conscious

Do not hyphenate a compound phrase used as an adjective if the phrase is an established one.
real estate interests; public interest lawyer

Do not hyphenate vice president.

Do not hyphenate proper nouns used as adjectives.
Saks Fifth Avenue expense account
Internet Terms Internet: Capitalize.

online: Write as one word in lowercase.

Web: Capitalize this derivative of World Wide Web; the Web.

Web page: Write as two words with Web capitalized.

website: Write as one word in lowercase.
K Building The K-1 instrumental rehearsal room was renovated and renamed Geeting Hall in April 2010.
KCLU One of the most honored commercial or public radio stations in Southern California, KCLU has won numerous Golden Mike and other awards for news excellence. The station, a community service of Cal Lutheran, serves more than 70,000 listeners in Ventura County on 88.3 FM, Santa Barbara County on 102.3 FM and 1340 AM, and southern San Luis Obispo County on 89.7 FM.

The KCLU Broadcast Center, located north of Olsen Road near Campus Drive, includes four state-of-the-art production rooms, one of which is the National Public Radio station's first dedicated newsroom, plus a classroom and lab facilities to train broadcast journalism students.
Kingsmen Park and Regals Way Kingsmen Park is the heart of the Cal Lutheran campus. Each summer, the park becomes an amphitheatre for Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival performances. Regals Way bordering Kingsmen Park is the main north/south walkway through the campus known as the academic corridor.
Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture holds continuous exhibitions by nationally recognized artists as well as Cal Lutheran faculty and students. The gallery, located in Soiland Humanities Center, is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Leland House Leland House is one of several residential homes adjacent to campus that provide housing for Cal Lutheran students.
Luedtke Bridge Paid for by an anonymous donor, the pedestrian bridge over Olsen Road was renovated in 2006 and dedicated in honor of President Luther S. Luedtke and Carol Luedtke in recognition of their 14 years of dedicated service to the University.
Luther Statue Cal Lutheran's landmark statue of Martin Luther was a gift to the University by the first graduating class of 1964. Designed by art professor emeritus Sir Bernardus Weber, the modern art sculpture was unveiled in Falde Plaza in 1985.
Magazine Titles Italicize the titles of magazines. Italicize and capitalize the words the and magazine (before and after the name, respectively) only when they are part of the official title.
Mount Clef Stadium Mount Clef Stadium is the former home to the Kingsmen football team. The last game in the stadium was played on Nov. 13, 2010, with a 24-0 shutout win over Occidental College. (See William Rolland Stadium and Gallery of Fine Art)
Mount Clef, Mountclef Write Mount Clef as two words in the following: Mount Clef Ridge, Mount Clef Stadium, Mount Clef Hall. Write Mountclef as one word in Mountclef Boulevard, in accordance with Thousand Oaks street signage.
Music Titles Italicize the titles of long musical works (operas, tone poems, oratorios, concertos, symphonies, sonatas, etc.).
Write titles of songs and short musical compositions in roman within quotation marks.
Non-English Words Italicize a non-English word or phrase unless it appears in the dictionary or is the name of a foreign dish.
Numbers Write out the numbers one through nine and use Arabic figures for numbers greater than nine.

In some cases, figures are used for numbers smaller than 10, e.g., with distances, lengths, ages, miles, millions, billions, times (except for noon and midnight), decades, formulas, sizes and weights, or when used in conjunction with larger numbers.
The score was 6 to 14.

Spell out numbers at the beginning of a sentence. A calendar year is the exception to this rule.

(See the Associated Press Stylebook for complete guidelines on when to use figures to express numbers.)
Nygreen Hall Nygreen Hall houses classrooms and offices.
OK, OK'd, OK'ing, OKs Do not write as Okay.
Olson Gazebo Olson Gazebo, located in Kingsmen Park, was dedicated in 1981 in honor of the parents of former Cal Lutheran President Raymond Olson.
Overton Hall Overton Hall serves as a conference room, classroom, recital hall and music practice room.
Pearson Library Pearson Library houses a core book collection complemented by journals, microfilms, audiovisual software and access to electronic databases.
Pederson Administration Building Pederson Administration Building houses the offices of the President, Academic Affairs, Registrar, Alumni and Parent Relations, University Advancement, University Relations, Center for Academic and Accessibility Resources (CAAR), and Church Relations.
Pederson Ranch House Pederson Ranch House, home to the Music Department, was part of the original Pederson family homestead. Built circa 1913, the house and its water tower were designated a Ventura County Historical Landmark in 1978. The house and tower were renovated in 1986 and relocated to the corner of Regent Avenue and Faculty Street to make room for Ahmanson Science Center.
Percent Write percent as one word.
Peters Hall Peters Hall houses faculty offices and classrooms for the School of Management.
Pioneer House Offices for the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting (CERF), the California Institute of Finance (CIF) and the International MBA program are located in Pioneer House.
Planned Facilities The University's 20-year master plan envisions further development of the athletics complex north of Olsen Road, additional residence halls, a new student union building, performing and visual arts center, enlarged library, new classroom buildings and an administrative center.
Play Titles Italicize all play titles.
Plurals of Letters and Numbers Form the plural of numbers, decades and multiple letters by adding s.
the 1980s

Form the plural of single letters by adding 's.
the three R's
mind your p's and q's
Poem Titles Italicize the titles of collections of poetry and long poems. Use roman within quotation marks for titles of short poems.
Poulson Tennis Center The Ron and Sue Poulson Tennis Center with six lighted tennis courts features Plexipave brand professional surfacing, purple courts and green out-of-bounds areas.
Preus-Brandt Forum Preus-Brandt Forum seats 200 for drama productions, campus meetings and special events.
Quad Avoid this unofficial name for the area near the flagpoles between Soiland Humanities Center and Nygreen Hall.
Races and Nationalities Capitalize terms that refer to countries or areas of the world. Lowercase words that are primarily descriptive in origin.
Hispanic, Latin, African-American, Semite
black, white
Residence Halls Afton Hall
Conejo Hall
Grace Hall
Janss Hall
Kramer Court
Mogen Hall
Mount Clef Hall
North Hall
Pederson Hall
Potenberg Hall
Rasmussen Hall
South Hall
Thompson Hall
Trinity Hall
West Hall
Riparian Building Located north of Olsen Road near Campus Drive, the Riparian Building houses Auxiliary and Campus Services, Conferences and Events, Printing Services, University Marketing and Web Communications.
Roth Nelson Room Roth Nelson Room, located adjacent to the Centrum Café and Dining Commons, is used primarily as a meeting and banquet facility. The Study Abroad program is located in this building across from the Commons.
Samuelson Aquatics Center Samuelson Aquatics Center's 50-meter pool, diving well and diving boards accommodate competitions in swimming, diving and water polo at the intercollegiate and intramural levels.
Samuelson Chapel Samuelson Chapel, with its sweeping walls of stained glass, is home to Cal Lutheran's campus ministry programs and the site of numerous musical, academic, cultural and special events during the year.
SEEd Project Garden In September 2010, Cal Lutheran established a SEEd Project Garden on campus. The garden provides opportunities for students to directly engage in the University's sustainability efforts and supports the nationwide movement that encourages people to purchase local produce. The garden also contains the Fry Family Outdoor Classroom.
Soiland Humanities Center Soiland Humanities Center complex encompasses 16 classrooms, 30 faculty offices, conference rooms, Overton Hall, the Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture, Zimmerman Music Studios and the Uyeno Amphitheatre.
Spies-Bornemann Center for Education and Technology Spies-Bornemann Center for Education and Technology incorporates a distance learning classroom, television studio, model laboratory and offices for the Graduate School of Education faculty. The $6.2 million, 23,000-square-foot facility, designed to afford maximum interaction between students and faculty, houses undergraduate, professional and graduate programs.
States Two-letter postal abbreviations (CA, NE, WA) are used only in addresses followed by a ZIP code.
When a state is preceded by the name of a city in a dateline, the AP abbreviation (Calif., Neb., Wash.) is used. Alaska, Hawaii and states with five or fewer letters are not abbreviated.
In the body of stories, state names are always spelled out whether used alone or preceded by a city. (Note: This is a change from previous AP style.)
When written together, both city and state are followed by a comma except at the end of a sentence (... Thousand Oaks, California, ...).
For a complete list of both standard and postal abbreviations, go to
Swenson Center for the Social and Behavioral Sciences The 33,000-square-foot Swenson Center for the Social and Behavioral Sciences was dedicated Oct. 22, 2010. The first LEED-certified building on campus, the center contains faculty offices, classrooms and computer labs.
Theatre Arts Building Located in the former gym/auditorium, the Theatre Arts Building houses the Blackbox Theatre, faculty offices and other facilities for the Theatre Arts Department.
Time Use figures except for noon and midnight.
Use noon or 12 p.m. but not both.
Use a colon to separate hours from minutes and lowercase a.m. and p.m.
Avoid redundancies: 10 a.m. today rather than 10 a.m. this morning
University Plaza University Plaza is located between Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center and William Rolland Stadium and Gallery of Fine Art.
William Rolland Stadium and Gallery of Fine Art William Rolland Stadium and Gallery of Fine Art is the newest addition to the athletics complex on north campus. The two-story stadium, completed in fall 2011, has 2,000 fixed seats, an artificial turf field and outdoor sports lighting for football, soccer and intramural matches. Included in the 16,000-square-foot facility is the William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art, which houses pieces of bronze statuary, paintings and other items from Bill Rolland's eclectic collection. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays and by appointment.
Woken Walk Woken Walk, a gift of Milt and Mary Woken, is a trail along the riparian corridor behind the athletics complex. Dedicated in October 2009, the walk begins at Mountclef Boulevard and ends near the Riparian Building.
Zimmerman Music Studios Zimmerman Music Studios house classrooms and music practice rooms.