Licensing, Trademarks and Branded Products

California Lutheran University’s name, word marks and design marks (logos) are not only integral to our brand identity, but they also represent our reputation externally. They have significant commercial value as identifiers of official materials and merchandise. By trademarking these assets, the university protects itself against those who wish to benefit by falsely implying an association with our brand and controls how our brand identity is used on commercial products. 

The university name and marks, including our Spirit Brand, are registered trademarks. In order to retain the trademarks, we have to use them in commerce. In order to fulfill this requirement, Cal Lutheran issues licenses to selected companies that permit them to use the trademarks on agreed products. 

We have control processes in place for when the logo may, and may not, be used, as well as how it should be used. These are essential in order to prevent revocation of the trademarks. All branded products should be purchased from a licensed retailer, such as the Campus Store, or produced by a licensee. Find a licensed vendor here

Any item bearing our name or marks may be subject to a royalty. Examples include merchandise sold in the Campus Store and items to be used for fundraising. Income generated through the sale of licensed products directly benefits the university. 

Items that are exempt from royalties are those select internal items used in the course of university business by departments. Examples include staff uniforms, banners, and print materials for internal events. 

Whether royalty-bearing or exempt, all products go through a Marketing and Communications approval process to ensure they are of good quality and design, and suitable for the university to endorse. (Please note that this policy is not only for products or physical goods. The university also requires that all materials bearing our name and logos, including certificates, marketing brochures and flyers, must also go through review and approval.)

Licenses are managed by CLC, an agency that specializes in brand licensing for colleges and universities.