Shared Governance

at Cal Lutheran

During the 2020-21 academic year, a representative group from California Lutheran University came together as the “Task Force on Shared Governance” to study and support the concept of shared governance. Over the course of eight months, this task force formulated an agreed-upon definition of shared governance that was vetted with groups across campus, approved by the university president, and officially endorsed by the Board of Regents in May 2021.

That definition — which aims to guide day-to-day practice and university culture — reads as follows:

Shared governance is a values-based system that facilitates and clarifies the complementary responsibilities that constituents assume in identifying, aligning, and implementing routine processes and strategic priorities. At California Lutheran University, this system is designed to advance the university's mission and promote a common good that prioritizes student learning and the student experience.


Our working definition of shared governance was refined multiple times throughout the consultation process.

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The ADRI Matrix

California Lutheran University’s ADRI Matrix delineates the specific roles that constitute play in key decision-making efforts.

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Task Force

The Task Force on Shared Governance brought together a broad group to hone our understanding of shared governance.

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