at Cal Lutheran

Key Activities and Timeline

Task Force on Shared Governance

  • Convened: November 2020
  • Design and populate a decision-making matrix called ADRI 
    • Developed a draft ADRI Matrix (November 2020-January 2021).
    • Circulated and reviewed the draft ADRI Matrix with broader campus community including regents, faculty, staff, and students (early spring ’21 semester).
    • Incorporated feedback from review groups (March-May 2021).
    • Presented a conceptual level of ADRI to the Board of Regents (February 2021).
    • Devoted all plenary Board of Regents meetings to shared governance (February 2021).
    • Charged the Cabinet with earmarking a host of spring meetings to review and suggest changes to the TFSG version of ADRI (March-April 2021).
    • Engaged the Cabinet and the TFSG to resolve any areas of disagreement regarding the emerging matrix (April- May 2021).
    • Reached unanimous (Cabinet and TFSG) agreement on 172 of the 173 decision areas in the ADRI Matrix. The remaining decision area was approved by majority (not unanimous) vote at the final meeting (May 2021).
    • Presented final version of ADRI Matrix to Board of Regents; unanimously endorsed (May 2021).
  •  Draft a definition for Cal Lutheran shared governance
    • Discussed assigned articles on shared governance and engaged in conversations with third-party consultants about related best practices (November and December 2020).
    • Continued personal explorations of best practices, contemporary thinking, and emerging trends related to shared governance (ongoing).
    • Drafted versions of a working definition for shared governance that could be used by Cal Lutheran to reinforce the specific mission and values (January-April 2021).
    • Presented final version of working definition to Board of Regents; unanimously endorsed (May 2021).
  • Propose an entity that officially includes staff in the shared governance process
    • Conducted interviews with comparison institutions about staff representation structures, and developed two potential models for Cal Lutheran (March-April 2021).
    • Shared models with staff in each university division for input/feedback (April 2021).
    • Presented emerging models to TFSG for endorsement.
    • Continued work on the development of top model (May 2021-present).
    • Proposed model will be forwarded to president in Fall 2021.