Dance your Research Challenge

Dance your Research. Photo of people in lab attire dancing.

This CARES day challenge is to Dance your Research! Tell your research story via dance! You can dance a method, a research question, an approach, a theory, you name it!  Videos can be as short as 30 seconds, and as long as 3 minutes. If it’s about your research, we want to see it. Your dance can be serious, silly, informative, or all of the above! Have fun with it! 

Here are some examples. Note that these videos are NATIONAL-level winners in PhD programs, so it's okay for our videos to be shorter, more basic, and overall less polished than these!  National-level PhD Winners 

In the video, be sure to introduce yourselves and your lab.  Feel free to challenge another lab/research team to the competition! 

In your caption or the video itself, include the hashtags #CalLutheranCares  and #DanceyourResearchCalLu  and a link to CARES day so people can donate to Student Research after watching your video!

Submission deadlines: Anytime between March 29- April 10th (11:59 pm). Must post to at least two social accounts (Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and use the hashtags #CalLutheranCares  and #DanceyourResearchCalLu to be eligible. Please also upload your video to our drive so the judges can easily access it-- email for access to the upload spot. 

Prizes: 1st place:  $500 to your lab or research team in research supplies or travel funds (through OURCS) and CLU swag for the individuals. Students must be currently enrolled at CLU and working with a faculty research mentor to be elligible for research funds. 

Judge: Dean Tim Hengst and a panel of judges will select and announce a winner on CARES day, April 12, 2023

Reminder: Our community is committed to DEIJ. Please be aware of and considerate of identities and cultures when choosing your video content. Avoid wearing or doing anything that could be construed as appropriating a culture. Wear CLU-branded clothing if possible. 

As always, please be safe. If dancing in a lab or place with chemicals or equipment, please follow all lab safety rules and guidelines. Ensure your research mentor knows what you’re doing and can supervise (or, even better, have them participate!). 

Important: Use music from the public domain that is not subject to copyright. Here are some possible places to find copyright-free music. Remember to credit the musical artist in your caption! 

  • - 100% copyright-free music, but has some paid tiers for downloading (though it can be used without the paid tiers as well; costs are either to tip music-creators or to download large amounts of files at once)
  • - Music licensed under Creative Commons; need to review the specific terms before use but can filter to pick up only specific-use-case licensing (ie. full commercial use clearance, for educational purposes, etc…)
  • - Large archive of public domain music, but a little challenging to navigate because of the tagging system. Anything found here should be clear to use without legal concerns, though!
  •  Large selection of songs. Ease to use filter. Low cost.

Photo and Video Release 

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