Summer Research Fellowships

These sponsorship opportunities enable undergraduate students to participate in full-time research over the summer at Cal Lutheran.

Students: you must have a faculty research mentor that has committed to working with you in the summer, should you receive the fellowship, to be eligible to submit a proposal.

Please work with your faculty research mentor on multiple drafts of your proposal using the template below before you submit it via the online form. 

If you and your faculty research mentor are ready to submit your proposal and application, click the button below. Please be sure to read all of the instructions below and work with your faculty research mentor on your proposal before you submit it.

Please contact the Office of Research if you have any questions.

Application Template

Work on this template with your mentor before submitting it through the online application.


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Submit Your Application

Proposal drafted and reviewed by your mentor? Submit it here! 

Applications are due March 1st. 

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Important Information

There are a limited number of fellowship awards available each year.  The application process is competitive. Each application will be reviewed by at least two faculty.  Applications will be reviewed by at least one person in the applicant's division or department. 

The committee will review and rate applications based on the following criteria. Note that the full review criteria can be found in the Application Template located in the section above. 
1. Research Question. Is the research question clear and answerable? 
2. Methodology. Is the methodology sound? Does the application address both specifics and broad context? The plan should follow the process of scholars in the discipline. 
3. Feasibility. Is the project feasible and likely that the student will accomplish the main goals in an 8-week program? 
4. Product. Will the project result in something presentable off-campus? 
5. Suitability. To what extent is the student's skills and experiences appropriate for the proposed work, given the mentor's guidance? 
6. Mentorship. Does the proposal indicate that the faculty mentor will be available and helpful to the student?  If a mentor had students in the past two years, did they present their work off-campus? 
7. Writing Quality. Is the proposal polished? Does it seem like the mentor and student have worked together on drafts before submitting it? 
Note: Close collaboration with your mentor is encouraged to refine the proposal through edits and feedback. However, the writing submitted must be your original work. Please note that duplicate submissions or proposals featuring identical content will not be considered for review. Each proposal should reflect the individual student researcher's unique perspectives, insights, and contributions. 

Prior project outcomes will be considered in the selection process, with priority given to mentors whose students consistently present their research off-campus. 

Only full awards will be given to students – no sharing of projects will be allowed (unless the fellowship is specifically designed for sharing, such as the Culver).  Each student will be given a full-time award for their distinct project.

The quality of the writing will be considered – a well-written proposal will be given preference over a poorly written one.

Priority will be given to quality projects with the desire to have a wide range of disciplines represented, if possible. 

To increase the program's impact, students who have not previously received a fellowship award will be given priority over those who have been awarded a fellowship in the past.

Additionally, projects that support the university mission will be given priority.

Faculty and student interviews may take place if necessary.

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