Research Support

Research Supplies Grant

Grants of up to $250 to assist undergraduate and graduate students in carrying out their novel research and creative activities during the academic year.

Research Supplies Grant Application

Conference Attendance and Presentation Grant 

California Lutheran University is proud to offer a unique opportunity for its enrolled students to access funding for attending academic conferences. Our Student Conference Grants are designed to empower students who wish to participate in conferences, either as presenters showcasing their research or as participants seeking to enrich their professional development. These grants are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

You must be a currently enrolled student at California Lutheran University when the reimbursement form is submitted to be eligible for reimbursement. Grant funds can be used for transportation, registration fees, and lodging expenses but cannot cover personal costs such as meals.  

Funding availability is limited to a first-come-first serve basis. While we strive to assist all eligible applicants, funding is not guaranteed. Please submit your travel grant application as soon as you receive acceptance to present at the conference, before making travel arrangements, and certainly before traveling. 

Additionally, please be aware that the availability of funds may fluctuate from year to year due to budget considerations. In most cases, we can provide only partial funding for your trip. We are committed to distributing available funds fairly among students, ensuring the maximum benefit for as many students as possible. Students will be funded up to $500, depending on the estimated expenses, campus community impact, and funding availability. 

For reimbursement after your travel, you must submit original, itemized receipts using our designated reimbursement form within three days of returning from your trip. Itemized means that it shows the cost of each item on the receipt, not just the total amount. This ensures a smooth and efficient reimbursement process for your eligible expenses.

Student Conference Grant Application

Email with any questions.

Disseratation Support Grant

California Lutheran University is delighted to partner with Heartful Editor to provide graduate students in Psychology and Education with up to 5 total hours of dissertation coaching and editing services paid for by the University. These services include professionals who read and review students’ dissertations and significant course papers.

Students may work with their Department Chair/Program Director to learn more about the offered editorial services. For faster service, students may sign-up directly at Heartful Editor and select California Lutheran University as their institutional choice.

Social Sciences

The Culver Mentor and Research Fellows program is an endowed program that supports undergraduate research and creative scholarship in the disciplines of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division.  Specifically, these grants support projects in Communication, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology. The application should be written and sent by the faculty on the project. Each faculty who is selected invites 2-5 outstanding students to work with them as Culver Research Fellows.

Culver Behavioral Science Fellowship 

Full Time Summer Research Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for undergraduate students to be involved in full-time, paid research and creative scholarship over the summer at Cal Lutheran.

Full-Time Summer Research