April 22-26, 2024

Abstract Guidelines

How to Submit an Abstract for the Festival of Scholars

Student Abstract Submission Window: March 1 - April 10, 2024

Step 1

  • Be prepared! Make sure you have all necessary information.
  • What session is your abstract linked to? Check the Festival of Scholars schedule.
  • Students must have a faculty sponsor/mentor for their submissions. Your abstract submission will be sent directly to the faculty sponsor for review and approval. Be sure your submission is appropriate in form, content, grammar, etc. before sending it in.
  • Each abstract needs to contain at least the following information or it will be returned:
    • Title – provide a title that is unique to your presentation (this is not just the session title). Your title should give a good sense of what you will be presenting.
    • Brief introduction – provide at least one sentence that explains the importance of your topic. This should provide some motivation for why the project was undertaken.
    • Purpose statement – this should explain the goal of the project/presentation.
    • Methods/Creative Processes – provide a methodology/creative process associated with your work
  • If possible, provide the results of your project and a brief discussion/conclusion.
  • Each abstract should be a minimum of 5 sentences and a maximum of 250 words.


The deadline to submit your abstract is April 10, 2024.

Step 2

  • All fields must be completed for the abstract to be accepted.
  • The Office of Research reserves the right to make final modifications as needed for consistency in form and content, but it is the responsibility of both student and faculty sponsor to follow the guidelines and to ensure the quality of the work. If your abstract fits the necessary criteria (see above), it will be included in the proceedings of the Festival of Scholars.

Step 3