April 22-26, 2024

Our Students

I think the Festival of Scholars is an amazing place to help practice how to communicate the important work we do as scientist to an audience that may not normally hear it. It helps expand the impact of our research by exposing more people to it.

Luke VanKeersbilck ‘22, Exercise Science

I really loved being able to present my research to the public in an organic way. Festival of Scholars allowed me to show off months of work and allowed me to build my academic skillset. In many cases it helped me realize that applying your research and showing it to the public is an important part of academia.

Cole Weiderman '22, History Pedagogy

Festival of Scholars was an opportunity for me to showcase my research that took many hours and unwavering dedication to compile. I was able to present my studies to peers that were formerly ignorant on the subject, and was informed by others in attendance on their topics. FOS is a truly wonderful scholastic event that inspires intellectual cooperation and dissemination of knowledge.

Katie Costanzo '22, History

The Festival of Scholars allowed me to explore topics and present information that I am truly passionate about. I learned so much through the preparation process and gained confidence in my abilities. I found the experience to be very rewarding.

Trevor Burnett '22, History

I now feel more comfortable presenting and speaking in public. I also gained confidence communicating my thoughts and research, which is a skill that will help me succeed in future endeavors.

Wesley Thompson '17, Business

I love presenting and communicating things I'm passionate about, and I hope my future job needs a lot of this. Getting the opportunity to communicate to an audience with a wide variety of backgrounds was a great way for me to confirm this passion. 

George Nasr '16, Mathematics and Computer Science

Participating in the Festival of Scholars has allowed me to meet others in my field and to exchange ideas. I was able to explore other students' research and gain information about their work.

Kimya Karimi '17, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Festival of Scholars really helped my educational experience because it gave me a platfom to practice presenting my research as well as a place to display the work I am doing in the classroom

Dominic Lunde '17, Physics

Participating in the Festival of Scholars made me realize how much I love researching and digging for information. I hope to pursue a Masters in Library Science or Museum Studies, and apply this passion I discovered during my time at CLU towards a career in archiving.

Leanna Garcia '13, History

Preparing for and presenting at CLU's Festival of Scholars gave me the confidence and experience I needed to present at the national American Chemical Society conference in New Orleans during my senior year.

Keenan Woods '12, Chemistry

Hearing the positive comments about the research I had conducted from people in the local community as well as the CLU community, at the Festival of Scholars, really affirmed my desire to continue my research as well as to pursue graduate school in psychology.

Aaron Waters Spring '14, Psychology

The Festival of Scholars is a great opportunity to share your passions through innovative research and discussion with the CLU community. I am hopeful that more people are interested in positively impacting our global society through supporting women in the collegiate journey as a result of my participation.

Shannon M. Taylor, Higher Education Leadership Doctoral Student, December '14

The Festival of Scholars was a fantastic event! It was a great opportunity to explore a whole variety of new technologies and topics. I appreciated the opportunity to work one-on-one with my faculty advisor. I won best overall in the Undergraduate division, as well as a Judge's award from the board, so that was a nice surprise! Presenting to the community, to faculty, and to graduate and other undergraduate students really enabled me to tell the story of the project and the value that I gained from it.

Ashley Parish '13, Business

The Festival of Scholars gave me the confidence to present my research for a general audience. It also allowed me to connect more with my professors and peers.

Robert K. Springer '13, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology