Office of Undergraduate Research

and Creative Scholarship

Beyond the classroom.

We strive to facilitate a campus culture in which mentored undergraduate research and creative scholarship can thrive and to provide programs and activities that support and celebrate scholarly activities by students across all disciplines.

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Professional Development in Research Workshop Series

Designed for undergraduate research students who want to enhance their professional skills in a collaborative environment, this series will help students learn practical techniques for creating and delivering presentations and networking strategies for building meaningful connections with professionals in their field. The series also covers ethical considerations in research contexts, providing students with the tools and knowledge to navigate complex situations. In addition, students will receive support and feedback from their peers, allowing them to refine their skills in an encouraging environment. At the end of the summer research program, we hope students will be better prepared to navigate the professional world with confidence and integrity.

Undergraduate students receiving funding for research during the summer are required to participate. Students not receiving funding but involved in research or scholarship on campus are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Faculty mentors are also welcome!


Research Funding

Full-time summer research and support funding opportunities are available for student researchers across all disciplines.

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Events & Conferences

The Student Research Symposium in the Fall and the Festival of Scholars in the Spring provide opportunities for students to showcase the results of their research,

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I feel like I have learned how to tackle problems more easily and learned how to deal with them more appropriately. I feel like this summer taught me how to be self-disciplined and independent but (I also) learned to ask for help. I feel like I am prepared for future courses and research projects.

Marilyn Arceo '14