The mission of the SoCal Philosophy Academy is to promote the practice of philosophy (dialogue and critical thinking) through pre-college philosophy instruction and public philosophy.

Public Philosophy Lecture!
“Feminism and the Open Borders Debate: Can Borders be Feminist?”

Amy Reed-Sandoval, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, believes many of the world’s borders are imperialist institutions that oppress marginalized groups. She’ll discuss how transnational feminists and others committed to principles of liberation need to take a firm stand against the oppression, even if the borders belong distant political communities. However, borders operate differently in different contexts. Feminists, Reed-Sandoval believes, need to recognize that borders can both harm and protect, and thus question whether some kind of borders could ever, in fact, be feminist.

Reed-Sandoval’s areas of research include political philosophy, feminist philosophy, Latin American and Latinx philosophies, and philosophy for children. She is the author of Socially Undocumented: Identity and Immigration Justice, co-editor of Latin American Immigration Ethics, and the author of numerous academic articles. 

When: Thursday Oct 5, 2023

Where: California Lutheran University's Thousand Oaks Campus 
Overton Hall
(Location & Directions)

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