Associated Students California Lutheran University Government

Programs Board Roster


Nick Steinwender '19

ASCLU President
(805) 493-3462
Office Hours:Wednesday 1PM-4PM, Friday 1PM-3PM

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Major: Business Administration
On-Campus Involvement: College Republicans President, Delta Sigma Pi
About: Nick is serving his second term as ASCLU President, after serving two terms as an ASCLU Senator. In addition to Nick's role serving as President of ASCLUG, he also represents the nearly 3,000 undergraduate students at Cal Lutheran on numerous boards and committees, including the Board of Regents. In his spare time, Nick enjoys politics, being outdoors, traveling, fishing, hunting, star-gazing, BBQing, and playing with his Black Labrador Retriever, Reagan.


Heather Hooker '19

ASCLU Programs Board Director
Office Hours:Monday 2PM-3:30PM, Wednesday 2PM-5PM, Thursday 4PM-5PM

Hometown: Corona, CA
Major: Marketing Communication
On-Campus Involvement: Presidential Host Lead, Peer Advisor, PRSSA
About: Hi! I'm Heather Hooker and I am honored the role of Programs Board Director since the events on campus here have truly made my experience memorable. I hope to bring bigger, new events on to campus this year. Additionally, as an Executive Cabinet Member, I would hope to bring more transparency and communication between the student body and student government. When I'm not running from activity to activity, I like to enjoy a mocha and a good 80's romantic comedy movie!


Krystal Rhaburn '19

Programs Board Recorder

Hometown: Norwalk, CA
Major: Communications with an Emphasis in Public Relations & Advertising
Minor: Spanish
On-Campus Involvement: PRSSA, Student Ambassadors, Presidential Hosts, Study Abroad Spring 2018, The Echo Distribution & Promotions Manager, Student Support Services, Lambda Pi Eta, Black Student Union
About: Krystal has a passion for service and enjoys serving Cal Lutheran in as many ways as she can. Cal Lutheran has given her the opportunity to grow as a leader and a student during the past three years and she is incredibly appreciative of that. Outside of school, Krystal's hobbies include competing in service-based pageants, hanging out with her dog Kobie (yes, after the Laker), and working out.


Adriana Bruzzone '19

ASCLU Senior Representative
Office Hour: Tuesday 4PM-5PM

Hometown: Clayton, CA
Major: Business Administration
On-Campus Involvement: Study Abroad
About: Adriana has enjoyed her time at Cal Lutheran especially because of the great opportunities there are! Studying abroad was one of the best experiences of her life and is so grateful that CLU provided this opportunity.


Vianca Castaneda-Correa '19

ASCLU Senior Representative
Office Hour: Wednesday 1PM-2PM

Hometown: Atwater, CA
Majors: Communications and Pyschology
On-Campus Involvement: Peer Advisor, Student Ambassador, SSS, McNair Scholar, Senior Pride Club, Psi Chi
About: Vianca is a first generation college student at Cal Lutheran. She quickly fell in love with the campus and her involvement has come to show that. When she has time, Vianca enjoys going to soccer games and traveling.


Julianna Martinez '19

ASCLU Senior Representative
Office Hour: Thursday 1PM-2PM

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Majors: Biology and English
Minor: Chemistry
On-Campus Involvement: Biology D.A.
About: Julie's favorite part of Cal Lutheran is the small community experience of close interaction with both professors and peers. Her favorite activities out of ASCLUG are reading and writing, and you can find her at the beach or playing with her dog while off campus.


Tania Samaan '19

ASCLU Senior Representative
Office Hour: Wednesday 12:30PM-1:30PM

Hometown: Oxnard, CA
Major: Biology
On-Campus Involvement: Peer Advisor, Presidential Host, Cheerleading
About: Tania is a first generation college student who loves Cal Lutheran.! Her favorite thing about CLU is how it is such a tight knit community and it is so easy to interact with her peers as well as her professors. When not on campus, Tania loves to go to the beach and spend time with her friends and family.


Chelsea Dunmire '20

ASCLU Junior Representative
Office Hour: Wednesday 1PM-2PM

Hometown: Kent, WA
Major: Biology
On-Campus Involvement: Wellness Resource Intern
About: Chelsea loves all things science! She works in the Wellness Resource Office and is always willing to talk about all things surrounding wellness like mental health, sexual health, physical health, and more. Her favorite color is yellow!


Caroline Laubach '20

ASCLU Junior Representative
Office Hour: Tuesday 10AM-11AM

Hometown: Lakewood, WA
Major: Political Science with an Emphasis in Law and Public Policy
On-Campus Involvement: Political Science Society, works at Student Union Front Desk, Peer Advisor
About: Caroline is a Junior at Cal Lu and is majoring in Political Science. She is involved in the Political Science Society, Peer Advising, and works at the Student Union Front Desk. In her free time, she loves to go to the beach with friends and read a book.


Vacant '20

ASCLU Junior Representative
Office Hour: 

On-Campus Involvement: 


Jackquelin Quintero '20

ASCLU Junior Representative
Office Hour: Thursday 11:30AM-12:30PM

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Major: Exercise Science
On-Campus Involvement: Orientation Lead
About: Jacky is a Junior with an Exercise Science major and is really excited to be on Programs Board for a second year! Her favorite part about Cal Lutheran is the close knit community. Jacky works off campus and is a commuter, but feels like she lives on campus because you can always catch her at the Pearson Library studying!


Azubah Collins '21

ASCLU Sophomore Representative
Office Hour: Wednesday 8AM-9AM

Hometown: Ventura, CA
Major: Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management
Minor: Pyschology
On-Campus Involvement: Student Ambassador, Secretary for PIHRA, Student Assistant for Office of Financial Aid
About: Azubah loves how much Cal Lutheran is like a big family. Her favorite part about Cal Lutheran is all the opportunities that are available for students. She enjoys working in the theatre department here on campus, working on the Orientation Staff Team, being Secretary for the new club called PHIRA, and helping sudents in the Financial Aid Office. When she is not at Cal Lu, Azubah loves to go hiking with her husky Hap and spend time with her friends and family.


Alyssa Frausto '21

ASCLU Sophomore Representative
Office Hour: Monday 1PM-2PM

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Major: Accounting
On-Campus Involvement: ASCLUG
About: Alyssa's favorite thing about Cal Lutheran is how available everything is to students. From the staff to events, the school does a great job of making sure no student feels left out. When not on campus, Alyssa is usually at work or hanging out with friends at the beach or activities around town.


Tanya Kooplicat '21

ASCLU Sophomore Representative
Office Hour: Wednesday 2PM-3PM

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology
On-Campus Involvement: University Relations Student Assistant, Peer Advisor
About: Tanya is a second year student here at CLU with a major in Psychology. In the future, she hopes to be able to help others and leave a positive impact in their lives. Other than being a peer advisor and a student assistant with University Relations, she is usually chilling with friends at the Student Union or Starbucks.


Karie Wu '21

ASCLU Sophomore Representative
Office Hour: Tuesday 2:30PM-3:30PM

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major: Accounting
On-Campus Involvement: ASCLUG
About: Karie is currently a sophomore at CLU and is planning on continuing her education by going to law school. She plays piano and loves to get carried away in the music. Karie has also lived in San Francisco and Kansas City, but always considers Seattle to be her hometown. If she is not in her room, she's at Starbucks trying to cure her caffeine addiction, which only seems to be getting worse everyday.


Edward Curren '22

ASCLU Freshman Representative
Office Hour: Thursday 12PM-1PM

Hometown: Burbank, CA
Major: Business Administration
On-Campus Involvement: Volleyball, Purple Pit, Athletic Job
About: This is Edward's first time participating in a form of student government and couldn't be more excited! He's played volleyball since his freshman year of high school and is proud to now play and represent CLU.


Kelsey Gomez '22

ASCLU Freshman Representative
Office Hour: Thursday 10AM-11AM

Hometown: Lake Balboa, CA
Major: Exercise Science
On-Campus Involvement: MMA Club
About: On her free time, Kelsey enjoys to dance, workout at the Forest Fitness Center, and working on Student Government. She is currently studying to become a Sports Nurse.


Riley May '22

ASCLU Freshman Representative
Office Hour: Friday 1PM-2PM

On-Campus Involvement: 


Adam Souza '22

ASCLU Freshman Representative
Office Hour: Monday 10AM-11AM

Hometown: Moorpark, CA
Major: Marketing Communications
On-Campus Involvement: VAPA Recipient
About: Adam is apart of the Class of 2022 and is very excited to be a representative on Programs Board! Besides pursuing his studies at Cal Lutheran, Adam enjoys performing on stage and hanging out with friends.



ASCLU Commuter Representative
Office Hour: 

On-Campus Involvement: 


Blessy Pinzon '20

ASCLU International Representative
Office Hour: Tuesday 11:30AM-12:30PM

Hometown: Guatemala, Guatemala
Major: Business Administration with an Emphasis in Finance
Minors: Economics and Spanish
On-Campus Involvement: "El Eco" Editor, International Peer Mentor, The Veggie Club Treasurer, Generation Difference Secretary, Her Campus, Campus Safety
About: Blessy is currently a Junior at CLU, she has loved her experience in the University so far. What she loves the most about Cal Lutheran is being able to make strong friendships and being involved in many on-campus activities. You can find her hanging out in the Student Union or near Jamba Juice, she will always greet you with a big smile. In her free time, she likes to draw, dance, read books, and binge-watch TV shows on Netflix. One of her dreams is to travel to the Egyptian Pyramids.


Pedro Armendariz '19

ASCLU Transfer Representative
Office Hour: Wednesday 2:30PM-3:30PM

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Majors: Communications with an Emphasis in TV & Film Production and Theatre with an Emphasis in Performance
On-Campus Involvement: Theatre Club, iCLU Radio, Kingsmen Shakespeare Company Production Intern
About: Pedro is very involved with theatre and film on campus. He's done an internship and apprenticeship with the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company, he has been a Theatre Club officer for 2 years and has performed in the 10 Minute Play Festival. He has also worked professionally for 5-star Theatricals and done shows in LA.


Cambria Teter

Programs Board Advisor
(805) 493-3950