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4-year Timeline for Medical School

  • Meet with your Pre-Med Advisor and learn Pre-Med requirements
  • Talk with your Pre-Med Advisor about AP units transferring to medical school
  • Think about your major and minor and develop a Pre-Med course of study
  • Plan a tentative schedule for the next 3½ years
  • Develop study skills and maintain an excellent GPA
  • Begin extracurricular activities and participate in Pre-Med Club
  • Get AAMC’s MCAT Student Manual for subject outlines
  • Review medical school admission requirements
  • Work/volunteer in a medical area
  • Subscribe to medical student journals and read interesting books about medicine
  • Challenge yourself to get a summer internship/volunteer job working with patients
  • Work/volunteer in a medical area
  • Meet with your Pre-Med advisor to discuss your program
  • Fine-tune your college schedule
  • Maintain excellent GPA
  • Check medical school’s entry requirements
  • Consider participating in research
  • Consider what you will do this summer
  • Apply to MMEP (minorities only)
  • Study and apply for MCAT (summer before junior year, only if Physics with a Lab is completed)
  • Plan for any special junior-year programs (ie. junior year abroad)
  • Study and apply for MCAT (if not yet taken)
  • Take MCAT by mid-May; scores are reported about 30 days after test is taken
  • Meet with your Pre-Med advisor and maintain the best GPA you can
  • December: Check websites and begin personal statement
  • Gather information about med schools you are interested applying to (plan to apply to at least 25 schools)
  • Get AMCAS/AACOMAS/other applications
  • February: Request at least 5 letters of recommendation from faculty (2 science, 1 non-science, 3 work/volunteer)
  • Complete Must/Want Analysis forms for schools in which you are interested
  • Work/volunteer in a medical area and consider what you will do this summer
  • Meet with Pre-Med committee and submit letters of recommendation no later than May
  • May: AMCAS opens for data entry but submission is mid-June
  • May 20: Print AMCAS application and submit to Career Services Pre-Med Advisor for review
  • June: AMCAS starts accepting applications
  • June: Pre-Med committee writes your cover letter and attaches all letters
  • If not happy with scores, register for upcoming MCAT
  • Visit nearby schools in which you are interested
  • Apply for Early Acceptance Program (optional)
  • October 15: All schools vary on final deadline but earliest would be middle of October to apply to AMCAS (which governs medical school application process)
  • Work/volunteer in a medical area and maintain the best GPA you can
  • Take MCAT to improve scores if needed
  • Confirm that schools have received your application materials and letters
  • Complete secondary medical school applications and inform Career Services on where to send your letters
  • Interview at medical schools and complete financial aid forms
  • If wait-listed, send a letter confirming interest
  • Consider what you will do this summer (keep your options open)
  • Accept offer (by May 15)
  • Accept additional offers if higher on your Must/Want Analysis list; withdraw previous acceptances
  • Write thank you letters to medical school interviewers, references, and all advisors who helped you
  • If you do not get accepted, consider Post-Bac, Summer Enrichment, and Masters Programs to strengthen your application