Meet the Staff



Dr. BethTurner
Beth Turner, Psy.D.

Interim Director

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Beth Turner is a California licensed psychologist (PSY28721), and serves as the Outreach Coordinator for CAPS. Dr. Turner received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Sexuality Studies from Western Kentucky University. She  received her Doctorate in Clinical-Community Psychology from the APA-accredited program at University of La Verne. Dr. Turner completed an APPIC-accredited pre-doctoral internship at Ohio University’s Counseling and Psychological Services, and post-doctoral residency at California Lutheran University's CAPS. She also received certification training as a Domestic Violence Counselor, with an emphasis on same-gender/non-binary relationships, and in providing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Dr. Turner's previous clinical training experiences have included college counseling centers, a community mental health center, and a psychiatric inpatient hospital.  Her clinical and research interests include working with the LGBTQIA community, coping with discrimination and oppression, recovery from trauma, stress management, and anxiety. Her therapeutic approach is grounded in multicultural feminism, while incorporating evidence-based practices.

Dr. Miriam Barillas
Miriam Barillas, Psy.D.

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Miriam Barillas is a California licensed psychologist (PSY26931) and serves as a bilingual staff psychologist at Counseling and Psychological Services. She also serves as a Clinical Supervisor for California Lutheran’s Community Counseling Center within the Graduate School of Psychology. Dr. Barillas received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology from UCLA. She received her Doctorate in Clinical-Psychology with an emphasis in Multicultural Community-Clinical Psychology from the APA-accredited program at the California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University. She completed a CAPIC-accredited pre-doctoral internship at Pasadena City College Counseling Center. Previous clinical training experiences include university research programs, community mental health agencies, private practice, and a dual diagnosis program. Dr. Barillas also served as a Staff Psychologist for a behavioral health agency, providing psychological services to residents of long term care and rehabilitation facilities. Her professional and research interests include working with the Latinx community, multiculturalism, providing informed psychosociocultural services to students of color, anxiety, mood disorders, coping with a disability, cognitive rehabilitation, and increasing the collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the mental health system.

La Dr. Miriam Barillas es una psicóloga licenciada en California (PSY26931) y sirve como psicólogo bilingüe en asesoramiento y servicios psicológicos también conocido como CAPS. Ella también sirve como supervisor clínico para la Universidad Luterana de California, Centro de Asesoramiento Comunitario, Escuela de Posgrado de Psicología. La Dr. Barillas recibió su bachillerato en Psicología con un menor en Antropología de la Universidad de California, Los Ángeles. Recibió su Doctorado en Psicología Clínica con énfasis en Psicología Clínica Comunitaria Multicultural del programa acreditado por la APA en la escuela de Psicología Profesional de California, Universidad Internacional de Alliant. Completó un pasantía pre-doctoral acreditada por CAPIC en el Colegio de la ciudad de Pasadena, Centro de Asesoramiento. Las experiencias previas de formación clínicas incluyen programas de investigación universitaria, agencias comunitarias de salud mental, práctica privada y un programa de diagnóstico dual. La Dr. Barillas también sirvió como psicóloga para una agencia de salud conductual, proporcionando servicios psicológicos a los residentes de cuidados a largo plazo y las instalaciones de rehabilitación. Sus intereses profesionales y de investigación incluyen trabajar con la comunidad Latina, multiculturalismo, proporcionar servicios psicosocioculturales informados a estudiantes de color, ansiedad, trastornos del estado de ánimo, hacer frente a una discapacidad, rehabilitación cognitiva y aumentar la colaboración entre las agencias policiales y el sistema de salud mental.

Emily Unzueta, M.A.
Post-Doctoral Resident


 Jenny Kraska
Jenny Kraska, M.S.

Advanced Practicum Trainee

Jenny joins us here at CAPS as a practicum trainee. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Cal Lutheran and is currently in her third year of the doctoral Clinical Psychology program here at Cal Lutheran. She has previous clinical experience conducting inidivudal psychotherapy with adults and adolescents in a community counseling center, where she was trained in Acceptance-Commitment Therapy. Her clinical and research interests include personality and mood disorders, stress management, multicultural psychology, as well as sport and performance psychology.

Ricardo Cornejo
Practicum Trainee
Kristin Goradietsky, M.A.
Practicum Trainee
Gregory Daven
Gregory Daven, M.S., LMFT

Administrative Coordinator

Gregory Daven runs the administrative activities at CAPS. A graduate of the Cal Lutheran Marriage and Family Therapy Masters program, Greg coordinates the administrative aspects of service provision in our office. A skilled therapist in his own right, we feel so fortunate to have his knowledge and wisdom regarding a wide variety of issues related to counseling service provision. Greg's warmth and generous spirit greets visitors even before he does. He is our daily flavored water chef, the meditation music dj, and the relaxation video director, all of which help to define the center as a place where comfort and humor lay a foundation for healing and learning.


Mocha and Nemo
Mocha and Nemo

Registered Therapy Rabbits

Mocha is the shy older sister, and Nemo is the attention-loving younger brother.  They work part-time with their handler, Dr. Turner.

Mocha was rescued from poor conditions in a petting zoo. She understands and relates with clients who have experienced trauma. After getting her ears pulled too many times in the past, she gets nervous around hands grabbing for her, but loves getting slow, gentle pets. She takes full advantage of being able to run around and move freely now that she is not caged up anymore.

Nemo was rescued after living in the streets. He understands and relates with clients who have experienced many medical conditions, injuries, and neglect. He was in very bad condition when he was found, and had to be quarantined for a month while he received treatment. That's why he now loves soaking up attention and is always looking for treats. 

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