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Real Talk Podcast

Real Talk is a new podcast series presented by the Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion team. The podcast highlights and brings awareness of various social justice issues with a focus on current events in the U.S. and abroad. Real Talk is hosted by Karyme Lara Chagoya, one of our amazing CCEI interns and a current senior studying criminal justice and psychology. Karyme chooses and researches the topics and then invites CLU students, staff, and faculty to come together to discuss. 

Real Talks drops every other Wednesday starting September 30th on Spotify.

Real Talk Podcast

September 30th - Real Talk: Latinidad & Colorism

Your host is Karyme Lara Chagoya interviews Isabelle Ortiz, Coordinator for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion, for our first topic: Latinidad & Colorism. Karyme and Izzy dive into how colorism was created and its effects on the Latinx community. 


    1. Why Understanding Colorism Within the Latino Community is So Important

    2. Colorism in Latinx Communities 

    3. The Influence of Colorism On Racial Identification and Racial Identity Among Latinas

October 14th - Real Talk: Gentrification 

Your host is Karyme Lara Chagoya interviews Enrique Marroquin, Karla Melgar, and Kelly Melgar for the second topic: Gentrification. Karyme, Enrique, Karla, and Kelly discuss how gentrification affects people of color and the gentrification that has occurred in LA.


          1. Homes for All 
          2. Opinion Piece: Jacqueline Alvarez: Gentrification of LA detrimental to lower-income population
          4. Examining the Negative Impacts of Gentrification
          5. How Gentrification Affects Mental Health
October 30th - Real Talk: LGBTQ+ History 

Your host Karyme Lara Chagoya interviews Dr. Peter P. C. Carlson, Associate Professor for Religious History/Gender & Religion at CLU on the third topic: LGBTQ+ History Month. Karyme and Dr. Carlson discuss the values of implementing LGBTQ+ History into school curriculums and what Queer Theology is.


1. About LGBT History Month 

2. About LGBTQ History Month 2020

November 11th - Real Talk:  Being a First-Generation College Student

Your host Karyme Lara Chagoya interviews Elena Jaloma, Director of Student Support Services, and Destiny Rosado, CLU second year student, on our fourth topic: Being a First-Generation College Student. Karyme, Elena, and Destiny discuss the struggles of being first-generation and some of the obstacles they've overcome. 


1. First-Generation Programs