Club Sports

Dance Team

The Dance Team serves to provide students with the opportunity to learn dance, dance technique, and choreography, whether it is continuing to grow upon previous experience or learning for the first time. This club serves to promote school spirit and unity by performing at school events. This club also promotes the university as a whole by competing against other collegiate dance teams at national competitions.

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Knights Ice Hockey

The Knights Hockey Club gives students a chance to experience one of America's fastest growing and most exciting sports. Club members can learn the rules of the game by attending professional and collegiate games. Ice hockey players are encouraged to join the Knights on the ice where the team competes in the National Collegiate Hockey Association and American Collegiate Hockey Association.

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Knights Lacrosse Club

Knights Lacrosse was created for students, staff, and faculty to learn about and enjoy Americas fastest sport played on two feet.

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Knights RFC

The Knights RFC competes in the Gold Coast Conference Intercollegiate Rugby (GCCIR) and plays against other collegiate clubs. We currently compete in the Men's Collegiate Division II. In the 2011-2012 season the Knights were crowned National Small Colleges Rugby Organization Southern California Champions. We aim to introduce students to the great sport and develop them to compete in an established league. We also educate students on the international aspect the sport holds and welcome them into an international culture. This opportunity spans worldwide.

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