Information and resources to help you live a balanced life.

An open space for all students to gain access to information and resources about their well-being.

Students can always come to Wellness Resources looking for answers to questions or resources related to staying active and fit, nutrition, anxiety and depression, mindfulness, sexual health, drug and alcohol use, or sexual violence and assault prevention.

Looking to best support a friend or loved one as our community continues to heal following last semester's events? Our friends at CAPS have prepared a framework for supporting peers in distress. Check out our fast tips and download the full document below.

Supporting others after a crisis
1. You don't have to fix it for them. Often, simply being "in the mud"--sitting in their emotions with them--is the best thing you can do.
2. Validate their reactions. Affirm for them that it is natural and normal to feel whatever they're feeling. Tears, laughter, anger, guilt, and numbness are all okay.
3. Listen. Don't interrupt. Simply allow them the space to express what's inside.
4. Avoid one liners that invalidate their experience (e.g., "God has a plan for this.")



Box Programs

Are you a programmer on campus and would like to bring one of our wellness-related programs to your students? Visit our office to check out our all-in-one-box programs!

Box Programs
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Sexual Violence Prevention

Our team provides bystander intervention programs, referrals, and resources to help prevent sexual and relationship violence.

Sexual Violence Prevention

Sexual Health

Visit the Wellness Resources office in the Student Union for free condoms, lubricant, and feminine hygiene products, along with tons of information about maintaining a responsible sexual life.

Sexual Health