Box Programs

Want to deliver a wellness-related program to your students, but don’t know where to start or believe you have the resources or know-how? Stop by the Wellness Resources Center and check out our Box Programs—they’re entire wellness programs, with everything you need all in one box!

Box Programs are perfect for Resident Assistants, Peer Advisors, faculty, or anyone wishing to deliver a program to Cal Lutheran students. All programs include an engaging activity and debrief questions to stimulate learning.

We also offer several “drunk goggles” you can use for your programs. These are modified goggles that simulate the sensation of drug or alcohol impairment that you can use in programs of your own design!


Alcohol and Other Drugs

  • Drug Awareness Bingo
    Introduce students to terminology, consequences, and resources surrounding drug use
  • Drug and Alcohol Trivia Stack
    Engage students in a competition where they will learn drug and alcohol facts and statistics

Sexual Health

  • Safe Sex Candy
    Learn about sexually-transmitted infections and safe sex practices
  • Safer Sex Cards
    Understand the risk association with certain sexual acts
  • The Bachelor: Relationship Scenarios
    Learn about healthy relationships

Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention

  • Know Your IX
    Provide an introduction and overview to Title IX-related information and policies
  • Title IX Taboo
    Investigate the discrimination portions of the Title IX policy in a game
  • One Love – Love Shouldn’t Hurt
    Aid students in identifying relationship and sexual violence so that they are better equipped to intervene or report
  • Get Off the Sidelines
    Bystander intervention program for sexual assault prevention

Nutrition and Fitness

  • Healthy Eating
    Introductory nutrition program designed to teach students about balancing proper diet with indulgences and exercise

Mental and Emotional Health

  • Inside Out
    Encourage students to begin discussing their feelings and emotions—broaching the topic of mental health

Identity and Social Wellness

  • Diversity of Masculinity & Femininity
    Explore the diversity of socially-constructed identity issues related to masculinity and femininity
  • Coming Out Stars
    Exercise designed to simulate the coming out experience and gain insight on LGBTQA identity issues