Meet the Student Affairs Staff

Melinda Roper

Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
(805) 493-3553

Mary Morrison
Mary Morrison

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
(805) 493-3553

Career Services

Cindy Lewis, Ed.D

Executive Director of Career Services
(805) 493-3199 | LinkedIn

Cynthia Smith, M.S.

Assistant Director/Career Counselor
(805) 493-3196 | LinkedIn

staff photo
Natalie Luna, M.Ed.

Career Counselor/Employer Services Coordinator
(805) 493-3300 | LinkedIn

Ryan Akers
Ryan Akers

Student Employment Coordinator/Career Advisor
(805) 493-3279 | LinkedIn

Christina Maguire

Counseling Assistant 

Courtney Sabile
Courtney Sabile

Counseling Assistant 

Dinah Cota
Dinah Cota

Counseling Assistant

Health Services
Kerri Lauchner

Director of Health Services
(805) 493-3225

Saul Miller

Physician Assistan

Sara McNeil

Health Services Assistant

Samantha Kelley

Staff Nurse

Juli Rundgren

Health Services Assistant

Shannon Sheehan

Staff Nurse

Counseling and Psychological Services
Beth Turner

Interim Director
(805) 493-3561

Miriam Barillas

Staff Psychologist
(805) 493-3060

Erika Jackson

Temporary Staff Psychologist
(805) 493-3577

Gregory Daven

Administrative Assistant
(805) 493-3727

Student Life
Andrea Treptow
Andrea Treptow

Director of Student Life
(805) 493-3304

Jaime Faucher
Jaime Faucher

Associate Director of Student Life
(805) 493-3871

Nicole Gonzale
Nicole Gonzales

Assistant Director of Student Life

Jonathan Gonzales

Senior Coordinator for Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion
(805) 493-3489 

Ryan Kolter

Coordinator for Recreational Sports and Wellness
(805) 493-3570 

Cambria Teter

Coordinator for Student Involvement

 Ashley DesLauriers

 Coordinator for Transition and Retention

(805) 493-3067 
Madeline Liberti

Coordinator for Community Service
(805) 493-3680

Residence Life and Student Conduct
chris paul photo
Christine Paul

Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(805) 493-3220

Caitlin Hodges

Director of Housing Operations
(805) 493-3220 

Christina Hanna

Assistant Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct, Grace Hall and Houses
(805) 493-3220 


For all Trinity Hall inquiries, please contact the Residence Life Office
(805) 493-3220

Andrew Castro

Coordinator for Residence Life and Student Conduct, Mogen and Old West Complex
(805) 493-3220 

 Alex Sosa

Graduate Resident Director, New West
(805) 493-3220 

 Jaynessa Lopez

Graduate Resident Director, Thompson Hall and Kramer Court
(805) 493 - 3220  

Adriana Gonzalez

Graduate Resident Director, Pederson Hall
(805) 493-3220 

Alma Zepeda 

Graduate Resident Director, Mt. Clef Hall
(805) 493-3220 

Jada Yarnall

Administrative Assistant for Residence Life and Student Conduct
(805) 493-3220