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McNair Applications

Now Accepting Applications

Sophmores and juniors from ALL majors are welcome to apply.


Priority Deadeline is October 15, 2021.Looking for a guaranteed interview with the McNair Scholars Program?  Apply by October 13, 2023 at 11:59pm for priority consideration.





Required Checklist

Before you begin our online application, you'll want to make sure you have the following documents and information ready to complete your application.  You also have the option to "Save and continue."  The program will not be able to review incomplete applications.


Letters of Recommendation

All applicants need academic professionals to provide a recommendation in order to be considered for the program. This form is to be completed by a professor, lecturer, instructor, teaching assistant, academic counselor, or undergraduate advisor.

To Recommenders:

You have the option of writing a letter or completing our three prompts below:

  • Please provide a brief introduction and background on how you know the applicant.
  • Discuss your assessment of the applicant's academic preparation and commitment to post-graduate studies.
  • Describe any the other strengths, academic or otherwise, that makes the applicant a strong candidate for the McNair Scholars Program.






Application Tutorial Videos


 Get easy access to tutorial videos on our Instagram: @CLU_McNair


Post-Application Submission

  1. Follow up with your parent/legal guardian on a signed income verification if needed.
  2. Follow up to confirm with Faculty/Staff that recommendations are submitted within the deadline period.  Faculty/Staff will have five-days after the deadline to submit letters of recommendation.
  3. McNair will schedule interviews for all applicants who met the priority deadline for the first week of December (4-8).  Subject to time restrictons, McNair will make best efforts to interview all applicants who meet the Fall Deadline by the second week of December.
  4. McNair will send a personal notification to your CLU email letting you know if you were selected for this year's research cohort. 




For assistance with the McNair application, contact us:
Phone: 805-493-3322
Office: 3215 Pioneer Ave. #5200
ALLIES/McNair/SSS House #103