McNair Scholars Program

Preparing students for doctoral studies

How to Apply

Application Instructions (please see the actual application for additional details)

  1. Download and complete the application online.
  2. Print the completed version of your application to be submitted along with your statement of purpose, transcripts, and financial status verification documents.
  3. Write a Statement of Purpose to be submitted along with your application.
  4. Identify two individuals to write recommendation letters on your behalf.
      1. Complete the top portion of the recommendation form (included with application)
      2. Provide the completed recommendation forms to the persons who will write your letters.
      3. Email the contact information of your letter writers to
  5. Gather the following attachments to be submitted along with your application.
      1. College transcript from each institution you have attended, including Cal Lutheran (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
      2. Copy of your financial aid award letter
      3. Signed Income Verification form or copy of FAFSA
  6. Submit your application and attachments to the address listed on page 4 of the application.

Applications are being considered as they are submitted (until the program reaches full capacity).



For more information, contact:

Dr. Kelly Owens, McNair Scholars Program Director
Phone: (805) 493-3743
Office: 117 Swenson