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Philanthropy Phridays

Philanthropy PhridaysHosted once a month at the flagpole, Philanthropy Phridays focus on teaching students the importance of donor support to Cal Lutheran and how the CLU Annual Fund impacts your education and experience as a student. Play university trivia. Learn about the importance of giving back.  Stop by the SPC table and see what fun activity SPC has in store!

Annual Pumpkin Drive

Pumpkin DriveEvery October, SPC hosts its Annual Pumpkin Drive at the flagpole in an effort to promote the Student Giving Challenge. Please accept this pumpkin, a Halloween tradition, as a thank you and become a part of Cal Lutheran’s tradition of giving by making your class gift. If you have already made your class gift there will be a pumpkin waiting for you. We look forward to your participation!

Philanthropy Week

Philanthropy WeekA whole week dedicated to cultivating a culture of philanthropy on campus! Show appreciation by saying “Thank you,” to a donor, a professor, or a friend, for making Cal Lutheran the amazing university it is. Show school pride and get involved on campus. Help reach the student giving goal by making a gift to this year’s Student Giving Challenge. Whether it’s donating your time, your talent or your treasures, there’s something for everyone this week. Students can check their email for a full list of events happening each day.

Tuition Free Day

Tuition Free DayIn conjunction with Philanthropy Week, Tuition Free Day marks the day when undergraduate students are 85% of the way through the academic year. Imagine if tuition just stopped. Would you be able to cover the 15% gap left open? That’s an extra $27,748 for four years at Cal Lutheran. What better way to spend this day than to thank all of the generous donors – alumni, parents, friends, and students– who support the CLU Annual Fund. Stop by the flagpole to write thank you notes, sign theTuition Free Day Thank You poster and enter to win great prizes in exchange for participating!

Student Appreciation Events

Check your Cal Lutheran inbox. These invite-only events are hosted by SPC to say thank you to students for their support to the CLU Annual Fund through their participation in the Student Giving Challenge.