Room Reservations

The University designates Ad Astra as the official schedule. Any and all academic courses, meetings, and events that take place on the University grounds need to follow the protocol outlined below as various personnel on campus are officially responsible for reserving space on campus for faculty, staff, and students.

Academic Course Reservations

  • For academic course room assignments in a given semester for traditional undergraduate programs, please contact Faculty Scheduling.
  • For academic course room assignments in a given semester/term for Graduate or the Bachelor's Degree for Professional programs, please contact the Registrar's Office.
  • Special purpose classrooms for the entire semester (i.e. the TV Studio, computer labs, and art studios) must be requested by the department chair. Once the department chair initiates the request, the request is reviewed by the Academic Scheduling Committee and approved or denied.

Event Reservations 

  • For any internal event (i.e. club meetings, study groups, etc.) or outside event(s), please visit the Conferences & Events webpage.
  • For any athletic events in the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Arena, Soiland Arena, playing fields, and dance studio, please contact Matt Lea.
  • For the TV Studio or computer labs (one-time-occurrences ONLY), please contact Media Services.
  • For the Kwan Fong Gallery, contact Michael Pearce.

It is vital that all reservations are processed through the proper channels for safety purposes. Campus Safety runs reports from Ad Astra daily (7:00a.m., 3:00p.m., and 11:00p.m.) to ensure doors are properly unlocked and locked each day.  Further, Facilities utilizes reports from Ad Astra to ensure room temperature controls are met while courses and events take place. Housekeeping also utilizes Ad Astra reports to scheduling cleaning serves for designated spaces.

For any questions regarding reservations responsibilities, please contact Cal Lutheran's Registrar's Office.