Meet the Staff

Student Success Counselors

Tammy Velasquez
  • Student Success Counselor II
    Students last name A-BURM 
    *Refer to temporary listings 
Katie Swavely
  • Student Success Counselor
    (805) 493-3111 
    Students last name BURN-DZ 
    (Temp. BARC-BEL & VAND-WAN)  
Jeremy Hoffman
  • Student Success Counselor II
    (805) 493-3113
    Students last name E-HAWK 
    (Temp. A-AU & STOR-TAR)                
Armine Karagyulyan
  • Student Success Counselor
    (805) 493-3109 
    Students last name HAWL-LEVM 
    (Temp. BOS-BUL & WAM-WINS) 
Jayni Martinez
Genna Petoscia
  • Student Success Counselor
    Students last name MURP-REYM 
    (Temp. AV-BARB & TOE-VANC)           
Chiara Lamb
  • Student Success Counselor
    Students last name REYN-STOQ 
    (Temp. BEN-BOR & WINT-Z)                       

Administrative Staff

Maria Kohnke
Angela Naginey
Erashel Vaiz
Lorraine Purmort
 Robyn Ballard
Miguel Rodriguez
Stephanie Bruss





About the Office

This mission of Academic Services is to provide quality service to Cal Lutheran students, staff, faculty, parents, and alumni in maintaining academic and registration records and in managing the registration process. The Registrar's Office is located at 3259 Pioneer Avenue in the Academic Services Building (41c on the campus map).