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Thousand Oaks Campus

To schedule an appointment with the Thousand Oaks campus Writing Center, click on the button below and login using your MyCLU credentials. Remember that all appointments must be scheduled officially through our WCOnline Scheduler ahead of time and you must be an official Cal Lutheran student to make an appointment. All students (including undergraduate, graduate, and Bachelor's Degree for Professionals), faculty, staff, and alumni can utilize these services. All appointments are available in-person or online.

After making an appointment, make sure to read through the "Expectations" section below to be best prepared for your session. To learn about how to begin an online appointment, click here: Online Consultation Guide

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Regional CLU Campuses

We do not currently have in-person appointments in the Oxnard, Woodland Hills, Santa Maria, or Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary centers. However, students on these campuses can make online appointments through the Thousand Oaks tab. When registering for an appointment, choose the "meet online" option. 

After making an appointment, make sure to read through the "Expectations" section below to be best prepared for your session. To learn about how to begin an online appointment, click here: Online Consultation Guide. Also, visit our Online Consultation Page for more information. 

For more information or assistance with making an appointment, please contact the Writing Center - or 805-493-3257. 

Video instructions to make an appointment:



Please review the following expectations, all of which support our mission and further your continued learning. We reserve the right to end or cancel your appointment if these expectations are not met.


You must be prepared for tutoring by bringing specific writing-related questions and all necessary materials, including a copy of the paper, prompts, outlines, or research. If you have already worked on an essay with a tutor, bring a new copy of your revised draft to your next session, demonstrating that you have attempted to apply what you have learned.

Distraction-free environment

The Writing Center is a distraction-free environment. Talking on cell phones is prohibited. Food and drink are not permitted (except bottled water). Please do not bring any guests with you to your appointment (including children). During your session, be engaged in the process and be respectful of your peers and all Writing Center employees.


When you arrive at the Writing Center, please check in with the admin at the front desk. When it's time for your appointment, your Writing Consultant will greet you and guide you to a table in our tutoring area. As a part of our distraction-free environment, the Writing Center does not tolerate lateness. If you are more than ten minutes late for a tutoring session, your appointment will be cancelled, and you will be marked as a no-show for that appointment. If you arrive late for a workshop, you will not be admitted into the workshop room.

Frequency of appointments

You can schedule one 30-minute or one-hour appointment per day, with a maximum of two appointments per week. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, you must cancel before the appointment is scheduled to begin.

Procedures and rules
  1. The Writing Center is not an editing or proofreading service. Writing Specialists will not write your papers for you or perform line-by-line editing. You cannot leave a paper to be corrected by a tutor. You must be present and prepared to learn.
  2. Writing Consultants will not discuss a grade you have received or anticipate a grade you may receive. Professors assign grades — not Writing Specialists. Writing Specialists also will not offer commentary on a professor’s written feedback.
  3. Writing Consultants have the right to refuse to work on a paper if the student requests assistance beyond the scope of the center. The goal of the Writing Center is to help you learn writing skills. It will be difficult for you to learn concepts and make meaningful revisions to your work when you are rushing to do more or to meet an imminent deadline. Writing is a process!
  4. The Writing Center services are supplemental to in-class instruction. We will still adhere to our mission even if you are visiting the Writing Center for the sole purpose of receiving extra credit or fulfilling a class assignment.
  5. Group essays, projects, or assignments will be handled at the discretion of the Writing Consultant. ALL group members must be present in order for consultants to provide assistance.
  6. Confidentiality Policy: The Writing Center has a strict confidentiality policy that requires all student work, conversations and comments to remain in the center. We will not share your work or personal information without your explicit consent.