Writing CenterOne-on-One Consultations 

Online Consultations

For writers who commute or need to work remotely, this option offers the same service during a real-time appointment with a writing consultant online. All students, faculty, staff, and alumni can utilize these services. Our online consultation takes place through the WCOnline Scheduler used to make appointments.

When making an appointment, click on the "Online" option under "Meet in Person or Online." Then, when its time for your session, go back to your registration page and click on "Start Online Conversation." 

Online Consultations

For instructions on beginning an online session, click here: Online Guide.

Students have the option to meet synchronously or asynchronously for their online consultation. 

  • Synchronous: Students may meet and speak with a consultant in real time during their chosen time slot. During the session, a consultant will assist the student live over WCOnline or Zoom.
  • Asynchronous: Students may also submit their work to an asynchronous time slot. During this time, students do not need to attend the session - only a submission of their writing is needed. A consultant will review the student's work during this hour, and return written feedback to the student. 

In-Person Consultations

At any stage of the writing process, writers can meet with a trained consultant to generate feedback and strategies to improve writing projects, and better yet, writing skills. All students, faculty, staff, and alumni can utilize these services. 

In-Person Consultations


The Writing Center provides several workshops, for all students, faculty, staff, and alumni, on specific topics to support improvement of writing skills. Topics may include: APA Citation Guide, Resume vs. CVs, Writing Ready for College, Presentation Strategies, Critical Thinking and Analysis, Paper Organization 101 and more! These interactive and engaging workshops allow you to learn new strategies and give you opportunities to practice your craft. And remember, refreshments are provided so come by to grab a snack and learn something new! Check out our events page for the entire workshop schedule. Proof of attendance provided.


Writer's Studio

Working With Client

A Writer’s Studio is a sequence of six consultation sessions with the same writing consultant. It is designed for graduate writers and Bachelor's Degree for Professionals students working on large-scale writing projects, for multi-lingual writers, and for writers who seek time management support with long-term writing projects.

The Writer’s Studio can be scheduled from the following options:

  • semi-weekly (twice per week for three weeks)
  • weekly (once per week for six weeks)     
  • bi-weekly (once every other week for twelve weeks)    

The Writer’s Studio option offers a guaranteed set of appointments with one writing consultant to provide continuity and facilitate language acquisition and/or guidance throughout the overall writing process. Graduate student writers with long-term projects due at least two weeks in advance can request this service to support their progress throughout the larger project.  

To request a Writer’s Studio, sign up for a consultation. At the bottom of your appointment form, select the Writer’s Studio option you would prefer. You will work with your consultant during this first appointment to set up the series together. 

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