Meet the Staff

The Writing Center aims to diversify consultant majors, backgrounds, and levels of education, but all of them are trained and qualified to provide effective feedback in writing skills and the writing process. For the first couple of sessions, we suggest meeting with different consultants so that you can find the best one for you!


Scott Chiu, Ph.D. (he/him)

Writing Center Director
Associate Professor, Department of English
(805) 493-3785


WAC Coordinator /Spanish-English Bilingual Specialist (EduCal Grant)

Brenda Solis (she/her) 
(805) 493-3634

Brenda is the Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator and Spanish/English Bilingual Specialist. She holds an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) from California State University, Northridge. Her knowledge of linguistics and TESL theory and methodology has helped her assist students understand language structures and context. Brenda has mostly worked with high school and college students both as a tutor and as an English as a Second Language (ESL) adjunct professor. She has a passion for linguistics and an affinity to learn about the many different disciplines within a university. Brenda thrives in an environment that fosters the growth, development and ultimately, the success of students.

Graduate Writing Consultants

Kaitlin (She/her)
Kaitlin is a 2nd year doctoral student in the PsyD of Clinical Psychology program. She spent the last 9 years in the TV industry as a script supervisor, so she has a lot of experience in communication, film & television, and multimedia. She loves helping with revisions and brainstorming for all subjects. She also specializes in formatting and knows APA style well, along with MLA. When she’s not working, you can find her watching a lot of reality TV, running/hiking, and baking lots of gluten free treats.

Writing Consultants 

Cori (he/him) (on study abroad Spring 2023)

Cori Pizano is an undergraduate junior majoring in English. In the future he hopes to work with a publishing company as an editor for fiction novels. His strengths as a writing consultant include grammar, flow, and organization, and his favorite kinds of papers are literary analysis and position papers. He loves reading deeply to unpack different layers of meaning, and believes that critical reading and writing can benefit anyone no matter what field they are in. Outside of work and academics, Cori enjoys reading classic literature, singing and listening to all kinds of music, and spending time outdoors hiking, camping, or going to the beach.

Eevie (she/her)
Eevie Mae is an undergraduate majoring in English with an emphasis in writing. Her dream is to one day become a published author, but until then she hopes to seek a role in the publishing industry. Pertaining to writing, she excels at flow, structure, revision, and creative works. She hopes that in being a writing consultant, she can help others find their voice, as well as reform their skills when it comes to writing. Outside of school, Eevie is usually reading, working on her novel, or taking a much needed nap.
Elizabeth Arias
Elizabeth (she/her)
Elizabeth Arias is an undergraduate sophomore student. She is currently majoring in Biology.Her strengths are revision, organization, structure, and summarization. As a writing consultant,her goals are to help each student sharpen their skills, and become confident in their own writingabilities. Whether it is about a novel, movie, or current event, she loves breaking down ideas,discussing viewpoints from different angles, and she encourages creativity. When Elizabeth isnot working or in class, she enjoys spending time with her friends, having her daily dose ofcoffee, making new foods, and going out to have fun.


Frida (she/her)

Frida is an undergraduate junior majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice, with a minor in Computer Science. She is not sure what the future will bring her but hopes that she never stops developing her skills and interests. Frida has extensive experience in the teacher and tutoring field, teaching people of many different backgrounds . A fun fact about her is that she has worked as a 2nd- & 3rd-grade teacher during the pandemic. Her strengths are research papers and argumentative essays; she loves seeing things from different perspectives and always tries to learn something new. Her main goal as a writing consultant is to help others find their strengths and weaknesses and develop and work on those. In her free time, Frida enjoys a variety of hobbies but you will most likely catch her hiking, cooking, or swimming. 

Madison (she/her)
Madison Ferdman is an undergraduate sophomore majoring in Multimedia with an emphasis in animation and motion graphics. Her goal is to work in pre-production in the animation industry. As a consultant, Madi’s strengths include brainstorming creative topics, organization, and answering all questions to meet the criteria for any given project. By working in the Writing Center, she hopes to reinforce her skills in communication and creative writing. In her free time, Madi enjoys drawing, visiting family and friends, and spending time with her pet bird.
Michael (he/him)

Michael Festekjian is an undergraduate sophomore majoring in psychology. His goal is to help people where and when he can, something he can do with the help of the writing center. Michael’s tutoring strengths are, but not limited to, creative writing, literary analysis, and revision, he prefers to work on papers and topics dealing with humanities and history. His primary goal as a tutor is to help others improve their writing skills, allowing them to communicate their thoughts and ideas through the power of the written word, while helping to foster creativity, independence, and critical thinking. During his free time, Michael can be found hiking, painting, writing, playing a video game, or reading a good book.

Naomi (she/her) 

Naomi Mbise is an undergraduate senior double majoring in Political Science and Theology and Christian Leadership. Naomi wants to work in the field of International Relations. She believes writing is an indispensable and revolutionary tool in creating a better community. In her role as a Writing Consultant Naomi hopes to help students unleash their creative writing skills. To assist them to confidently write and present their work. Naomi loves reading and writing, especially on topics about social justice and multiculturalism.  Naomi enjoys working on stuff that needs a bit of creativity. Something she would love to get rich by doing full-time is Interior designing.

Pablo (he/him)

Pablo George is an undergraduate sophomore with an undeclared major but is interested in physics, computer science, and filmmaking. Although not a passion, he has enjoyed writing and helping others. His goal as a tutor is to help writers find their style and improve, however slight it may seem. With whatever free time he has, Pablo enjoys Tetris and various other block-centric video games, climbing, and spending time with friends. I love block games!

Patrick (he/him)
Patrick Lewis is an undergraduate junior majoring in English. He plans on teaching English abroad after graduating and will also pursue a graduate degree in English. He has extensive experience with literary analysis, argumentative, and research papers. As a writing consultant, his goal is to help students find their own voice as writers. He hopes that students will be able to build their confidence and expand upon their skills as writers. When Patrick is not studying or working at the Writing Center, he enjoys playing his guitar, reading philosophy, and going to concerts.