Meet the Staff

Introducing, the Writing Center staff! Since clients have the option to choose specialized consultants for appointments, we wanted to provide information about our current employees. The Writing Center aims to diversify consultant majors, backgrounds, and levels of education, but all of them are trained and qualified to provide effective feedback in writing skills and the writing process. For the first couple of sessions, we suggest meeting with different consultants so that you can find the best one for you!


Scott Chiu, Ph.D.

Writing Center Director
Assistant Professor, Department of English
(805) 493-3785


 Writing Consultants 


Virginia Anderson

Virginia Anderson is a junior who is majoring in English with an emphasis in writing and minoring in Psychology. Her aspiration is to go to grad school after graduating from undergrad, and obtaining her masters in English. With this she hopes to become a high school English teacher. Virginia works at the Writing Center because learning how to work with and understand all the different writing styles and voices is invaluable knowledge. Virginia’s tutoring strengths are held in assisting the writer to enrich their voice and teach them skills that are applicable across multiple writing forms to help them grow as writers.

Deyanira Caceres

Deyanira Caceres is a graduate student in the M.S in Clinical Psychology program whose main goal is to attain her PhD which would allow her to practice therapy, teach and conduct research. She hopes to one day conduct research involving trauma, adolescents and happiness. The reason why she enjoys working at the Writing Center is because she believes that everyone can benefit from someone else's perspective. Deyanira envisions tutoring as a partnership which allows her to help her fellow classmates succeed in their writing abilities and learn from them simultaneously. Being able to see tutoring in that manner helps her clients feel more comfortable when asking for help which allows for more growth opportunity. Deyanira's strengths are heavily rooted in content, organization, essay structure, thesis statements and so on. Her personal goals are for all students to feel confident in their writing abilities. 

Nicole Cameron

 Nicole is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with an emphasis in Family & Child Development Applications and minoring in English. Her goal is to join the Graduate School of Education at CLU and become an elementary school teacher. Her strengths include essay structure, APA format, and analytical essays. As a Writing Center consultant, her goal is to help strengthen a client’s understanding of their writing style by discussing strategies to improve their writing process. She prompts the client to make their stance on an essay topic known and emphasize the purpose and importance of what they are writing about. Her interests include watching 80’s movies and anything Jane Austen related.  Having an afternoon cup of tea in a Jane Austen-themed mug with a movie or TV show playing in the background is her version of self-care.

Jay Knee

Jay is in his second year at CLU, pursuing a degree in in History Pedagogy and hoping to have a career in teaching and tutoring. He loves to write and is an active member of the Write Club on campus. Outside of campus, Jay fills his time with music and cooking and anything nerdy (Sci Fi, Fantasy, Technology etc.) His goal in tutoring is to reduce the stress that comes with writing assignments by showing how easy and enjoyable writing can be. Jay specializes in Historical and Educational writing as well as Grammar, Poetry and Creative writing. Jay tries to bring out the humor in any scenario and brings a serious yet enjoyable experience to tutoring.


Rona Koe

Rona Koe is a TESOL Professional Consultant in the Writing Center.  She is working on designing and teaching a workshop series geared for international graduate students to support their writing needs to support the rigor of their curriculum.  She earned an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  She currently teaches reading and writing at ELS Language Center on campus and academic writing at UCLA Extension.  Her 10 years of teaching experience has taken her to various universities, community colleges, and language schools around California and abroad. Rona's passion is also preserving and perpetuating the Hawaiian culture and she runs her own nonprofit group dedicated to this mission.

 mary ann
Mary Ann Mace

 Mary Ann is a Professional Consultant in the Writing Center. She has been with CLU for over 11 years as an adjunct with the School of Management specializing in marketing and the foundations course for International MBA students. Mary Ann’s pursuit of writing best practices and grammar started in the 11th grade with a teacher who inspired the lifelong interest. In fact, this motivated her to specialize in education and teach English for four years before entering the marketing field. Mary Ann is also a writer contributing articles on behalf of business clients for a marketing firm. Mary Ann originally joined the Writing Center a couple years ago and recently returned. She is excited to offer her expertise and looks forward to working with all students.

Samuel Reilly

Samuel is an undergraduate student majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in management. He is planning on attending the master’s program at California Lutheran University once he graduates in 2020. Further in his career, he is interested in getting involved with Human Resources. As a tutor, his strengths include helping clients with MLA formatting, content, punctuation, and the creative writing process. He hopes to improve students’ writing skills and help them understand their personal writing style. Samuel plans to build strong connections through the Writing Center and business professional fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi. On his free time, he enjoys watching sports, playing basketball, and listening to music. His favorite sports teams are the Minnesota Vikings and the Boston Celtics.

Brianna Zaragoza

Brianna is a junior majoring in English with a Creative Writing emphasis. After graduating from Cal Lutheran, Brianna hopes to become a high school English teacher or pursue a career in higher education after obtaining her MFA and PhD. At the Writing Center, Brianna loves helping students with analysis, the writing process, integrating evidence, and developing a thesis. As a writing consultant, Brianna hopes that she can inspire, encourage, and empower writers by providing them with the tools and support to develop as a writer. She believes that every writer has a valuable argument, perspective, or skill set to offer in their writing which is why she loves helping students communicate their ideas.