Become a Writing Consultant

Thank you for your interest in becoming a peer Writing Consultant! 

The peer writing consultants at the Writing Center, including undergraduate and graduate consultants, provide an important resource for the university and local community. In the simplest terms, we aid writers in all stages of the writing process, from drafting to revising to adding finishing touches and citing sources. Our goal is to develop stronger writers and create an active culture of writing on campus.

Expectations: The Writing Center is open and collaborative space with friendly and knowledgable employees. Writing center consultants must first be writers themselves: students who understand writing to learn, writing to discover, and writing to share idears are their fundamental educational experiences; they share a concern for writing as the process of thinking; they must be listeners who care about the clients’ and their writing experiences. The consultants understand the modern meaning of writing practices and mulitliteracies; they must be immersed in the writing process as theory and practicum; they should know strategies to help at every stage of the writing process; and they should continue to write and engage in various literacy practices while they work in the Writing Center.

A writing consultant can expect to do in-person or online consultations, work on writing-related projects and presentations, contribute to social and outreach events, and generate a strong culture of writing on campus.

Are you interested in becoming a consultant? Please see below the job description, hiring process, and application requirements.

Contact the director, Dr. Scott Chiu, at if there are any questions.