Be a Student Consultant

The writing consultants at California Lutheran’s Writing Center provide an important resource for the university and local community. In the simplest terms, we aid writers in all stages of the writing process, from drafting to revising to adding finishing touches and citing sources. Our most essential role, however, is to establish a healthy writing culture on campus that is simultaneously interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and collaborative. Fostering growth in our clients is foremost among our goals; through ongoing conversations about clients’ process rather than their product, we can foster this growth in a communicative manner that ultimately benefits both the composition and the writer. Our focus is on learning together with out clients rather than proofreading for them, which allows us to avoid the pitfalls of copy-editing a paper without achieving any meaningful, corresponding student growth.

The Writing Center atmosphere is open and collaborative; a writing consultant can expect to be actively involved in establishing and nurturing a healthy writing culture on campus, working in conjunction with undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and alumni. A writing consultant will collaborate with each of these groups to address their writing needs, but will also have the opportunity to utilize their creativity and self-direction to develop fun, writing-related projects and presentations. We strive to maintain an uplifting, welcoming environment full of knowledgeable, friendly, and flexible individuals, and we look forward to having you on our team.

Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in working for the CLU Wriitng Center as an Undergraduate Writing Consultant, please contact Director, Dr. Scott Chiu (, for application.

Graduate Students

The Writing Center hires new Graduate Writing Consultants to work in the center for 10 hours a week. We welcome any graduate students who are experienced readers and writers and feel they enjoy assisting others with writing-related projects and presentations. The hours can accommodate your schedule. The primary job description is to consult with writers in the center and present in the classroom. You may also take part in projects and activities relevant to your studies.

If you would like to work in a friendly, flexible, uplifting and welcoming environment, then this post is for you!

To apply, please contact Dr. Scott Chiu ( We look forward to meeting you!