Online Consultations

Join Us OnlineDid you know that Writing Center appointments are available through online options? If you cannot come to The Writing Center for an in-person appointment, you can still choose to meet with us via chat, video in app, or Zoom. All students (including undergraduate, graduate, and Bachelor's Degree for Professionals), faculty, staff, and alumni can utilize our services. Here are a few guidelines and tips for distance learning options.

Step 1: Make an Online Appointment

To begin, every CLU student must first schedule an appointment with The Writing Center:

  1. Log in to MyCLU and click on The Writing Center icon under the Tools & Services tab.
  2. Choose a date, time slot, and consultant for your appointment.
  3. Click on the open slot and register for the appointment.
  4. Select an option to meet online or in-person. For Online options, choose the "Yes. Schedule online appointment" option under the "Meet Online?" tab.

Step 2: Log In to Your Appointment 

On the day/time of your appointment:

  1. Log in to MyCLU and return to the appointment you made on the WC icon.
  2. Open up the scheduler (the same location you went to make your appointment). The yellow box indicates your appointment.
  3. Click on your appointment once again and then, underneath the "Meet Online?" tab, click on "Start or Join Online Session."

A separate window will open, and this is where you will meet your consultant. For more information on how to get to this page, check out this Online Guide or watch the following video about joining an appointment:


Step 3: Choose a Synchronous (Real-Time)  or Asynchronous (NOT in Real-Time) Online Option

Once you have opened the WC Online Chat window as instructed, you can begin talking to your consultant through the chat window. At this point, you have three options for your online appointment: Stay with the WC Online Chat window you are using, opt to include video, or choose to connect through Zoom. As you begin the session, please tell your consulant which option you prefer. To guide you to your best option, refer to the following information to help you.

Synchronous (Real-Time) Online Consultations:
Asynchronous (NOT in Real-Time) Online Consultations:

What is asynchronous tutoring?

Asynchronous tutoring does not take place in real time.

Why would I use the asynchronous service?

A face-to-face tutoring sessions is the most optimum situation for having a dialogue about your piece, but we understand it is not always possible due to distance, schedule, illness, disabilities, social state, and further inconveniences. Writers that are seeking growth-oriented, revision-oriented feedback about their papers will get the most out of these sessions. The consultants in The Writing Center will read and formulate responses that are reflective and that evoke thought and development in the writer.

How does asynchronous work?

The student submits their assignment/prompt and paper at least an hour before the chosen appointment time and will receive written feedback from a consultant before the end of the appointment time.

How do I schedule an asynchronous appointment?

  • Log in to The Writing Center scheduler.
  • Select an open time (white box) and change the default to 1 hour (if needed).
  • Select “Yes. Schedule an asynchronous appointment.”
  • Answer all appointment questions.
  • Attach all relevant files (assignment/prompt, DRAFT IN MS WORD, rubric, etc.).
  • Make sure you make your appointment in at least 1 hour in advance.

Should I book a 30-minute or 1-hour asynchronous appointment?

If it’s a shorter paper (under 1500 words) or a portion of a paper and 1 main concern like a review of the thesis statement, 30 minutes would suffice. Anything beyond 1500 words and/or something that requires reflective reading, please book an hour. A paper over 3000 words would require another appointment.

When will I get my feedback on my asynchronous session?

You will receive written feedback before the end of your appointment time.

How do I access my feedback?

Your consultant will upload your MS Word document with comments along with other attachments in your appointment time block as well as email it as an attachment. All documents will remain in our scheduling system for you to access in the future.

Can a consultant go through and edit my paper?

No. Our main goal is to give you the tools, skills, and feedback to make you a better writer. We will make global writing concerns our priority which include structure, organization, thesis statements, analysis, addition of details and descriptive words, focus, etc. Writing consultants do not serve as editors or proofreaders and will not make corrections directly on a student’s draft.

Our main goal is to help improve your writing skills by giving you the tools and skills to become a stronger, more independent, more engaged writer while supporting you in the process of making your writing as well as your assignment better. 

What if I ask you to check my grammar?

Writing consultants will respond by pointing out 1-2 grammatical patterns in a manner that will allow you to address those issues in your writing independently. The ultimate goal is for long-term growth in being able to identify and remedy these issues with confidence.

Step 4: Give us Feedback!

Once you have had an online appointment with The Writing Center, we would love to hear about your experience! Please complete the online survey  and let us know how we can improve our services. Thank you!

Online Consultation Survey