Storytelling Contest Prompt

Presented by The Writing Center & Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion

Call for Submissions

Contest Theme: Being You at CLU!


The Prompt

Who are you? What defines you? What is the story of your identity? Discovering one’s true self is not always an easy endeavor. Storytelling can be a useful tool in revealing our knowledge and realizing our identity. Everyone belongs to many different communities defined by shared literacy practices, religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, immigration status, political stance, income, cuisine, interest, ideology, intellectual heritage, and other distinctions. Our identities shape and shift across various communities and values.

At Cal Lutheran, we believe storytelling can connect people and build an inclusive community of diverse literacy practices and multiple identities. On the Cal Lutheran campus, where we appreciate and promote diversity in culture, language, and identity, The Writing Center and Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion invite you to write a story that can enrich the landscape of diversity, envision the inclusiveness of a community, and enact an idea of social change. In short, we invite you to tell us a real-life story of your identity and how it may impact the world at large.

Contest Instructions

In 700 words, write a personal narrative about how you discovered one specific aspect of your identity. This story should include a real-life experience (not imagined or creative) and your thoughtful reflection about how this part of your identity might impact the world. To do so, you might include details about how you locate your identity within the current American cultural and political climate. Can you remember a time in your life where you learned about your identity and how your identity affects the way you interact with the world around you? Now that you know about this part of your identity, how might you use it shape the world?

Submission Process

Submit your entry form and story online:

Submission Timeline: 2/15 - 3/15


  • Students who submit contest entries receive a free event T-shirt while supplies last!

  • The TOP THREE contest winners receive $100 cash award and will be invited to read their stories at the Celebration Luncheon April 13th at Lundring Events Center

*A double blind reading process, conducted by a committee consisting of CLU faculty, staff, and students, will review all submissions.