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SLOs in Course Syllabi

Evidence of CLU Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) “in action” occurs when they are incorporated into course syllabi.  Please note that this process will require the addition of the SLOs as bolded statements to your syllabi. 

There are two steps to this process:

Identifying CLU Student Learning Outcomes in Courses 
  • Look over the CLU Student Learning Outcomes
  • Identify which Outcomes are addressed in each of your courses.  If your department has completed its Assessment Plan, review the Plan for the identified Outcomes.  Note: It would be impossible to address all of the Outcomes, or even a majority of the outcomes, in any one course.  On average, we’re expecting there will be 3 to 5 Outcomes addressed in each course.
Incorporating applicable CLU Student Learning Outcomes into Syllabi

Incorporate, using your own style, the applicable CLU Student Learning Outcome phrases in bold font in the syllabus.  A few suggestions follow; only one of these would need to be used:

  • Use the wording of the CLU Student Learning Outcomes within the Course Objectives.  For example: “By the end of this course, students will develop written communication skills in assignments…”
  • Embed the CLU Student Learning Outcome phrases when describing assignments.  For example: “This assignment requires the use of journal articles from multiple sources, and involves skills in information literacy.”
  • Highlight the CLU Student Learning Outcomes more explicitly by designing a section in the syllabus listing the Outcomes that are addressed in the class.

Feel free to contact Rodney Reynolds (, x3658) with your questions. 

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