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Trinity Hall

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Trinity Hall is CLU's first residence hall to feature classrooms, six-bedroom suites and studio apartments.

Trinity Hall has two fully equipped classrooms, a reflection of the national movement toward live/study or live/work experiences.

Most of the suites in the $16.5 million facility contain four single bedrooms and a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom. But there are also some six-bedroom suites and studio apartments. Common areas include study areas, a lounge and community kitchen.

The 83,000-square-foot hall is the second largest facility on campus, coming in behind the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center.

Building in Sustainability

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The inclusion of classrooms is one of the building's many features that promote sustainability. In addition, the parking lot has permeable paving that allows storm water to filter through it and a treatment unit, removing contaminants before they reach public waterways.

Heating and air conditioning systems have a central control system and shut off when a window is opened. All appliances are energy efficient.

A gray water collection system infrastructure in the building will eventually allow sink, shower and laundry wastewater to be used for irrigation after treatment. Trinity Hall is part of CLU's growing commitment to sustainable building.

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