Program Highlights

This is a unique evening program featuring applied research that includes:

  • Major Theoretical Constructs
  • State of the Art Mathematics & Economic Modeling
  • Leading Edge Economics & Finance
  • Real World Economic Forecasting & Assessment

Certified Forecaster Program

The M.S. in Quantitative Economics has been designated as a certified forecaster program by The International Institute of Forecasters (IIF).

Project-Based and Intellectually Rigorous

The M.S. in Quantitative Economics degree offers a highly applied curriculum and includes close collaboration with members of a world-class economic faculty and economics forecasting team. International and domestic students are enrolled together in small classes (fewer than 20) that emphasize practical applications and interactive learning.

Practical Applications

These are the hallmarks of everything the School of Management strives to achieve in our programs. And no program embodies these concepts more than the MSQE. 

This program includes seminars, projects, applied research, analysis, assessment, and more, including opportunities to work hands-on in creating forecasting models for the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting (CERF).

Inside the classroom: Foundation

  • A world–class faculty
  • Rigorous preparation in mathematics, statistical analysis, and research
  • Strong emphasis on the development of applied economic concepts and theory

Outside the classroom: Experience

There is no substitute for experience. Cal Lutheran's Center for Economic Research and Forecasting (CERF) will put our students to work, providing unique opportunities for close collaboration with faculty in a thriving professional environment.

Students get hands-on training as applied economists in business, government and nonprofit settings where they will use their skills to:

  • Perform rigorous econometric analysis
  • Create and understand valid models and forecasts
  • Analyze options and make recommendations
  • Present and defend the analysis and recommendations in writing and in formal presentations