International Business

For students who will start the program in Fall 2016 or after.

The International Business Track is designed to prepare its graduate for a professional career in this borderless world economy. Today's managers need to be prepared to interact with other countries, cultures, beliefs and business systems. Therefore, future students of business will need to acquire rather complex skills attributed to cross-cultural management because today's business is increasingly global.

Individuals who have already earned their MBA, MPPA or a similar advanced degree can earn a Post-MBA certificate in International Business by completing a set of four targeted courses.

Required Course
  • MBA 523   International Business
Professional Concentration Courses

Choose three from the following:

  • MBA 564   Applied International Management
  • MBA 574   Global Human Resources Mangement
  • MBA 560   International Business Law
  • MBA 561   International Finance
  • MBA 562   International Marketing
  • MBA 563   Global Strategy
  • MBA 5STI   Special Topics of International Business